Meeting Mr Smooth



Sunday morning brings the dawning, It’s just a restless feeling by my side

So begins the lyrics of Sunday Morning by Velvet Underground. Mr JCR is up and at ‘em, doing a team bike ride on our balcony, with his cycling club in Italy. Truth be known I should be running, but I got to sleep late again (4am) and have a headache, so ignore the restless person and continue to snooze. Much later on, Mr JCR is at home, we’ve ordered a full Sunday lunch for Mr JCR to pick up, so I decide to run in the afternoon, after lunch. Mr JCR arches his eyebrows ‘Are you sure that’s a good idea?’ they query, and in truth there is a point, it is difficult running after food, especially Sunday roast and trimmings.

But with a head pounding and the tablets yet to take effect, running with headache is a seriously bad idea too. I am dressed in my running gear though, which acts as a mental kick up the bum to go out – I never wear sports gear casually. Late afternoon I’m mooching on the web and look into Health Unlocked  and the C25K support group. MummyCav has posted she’s gone out, so that’s it I have no choice, if she has then I have to. During my running challenge in 2018, I spent some time looking for her running mojo, but this time it’s all about finding mine. Emotional blackmail via a lovely post describing her run, does just the trick.

I’m all set and Tom Petty comes on ‘I won’t back down’, well I have my kit on and so I can’t back down now. Out I go into the City which is deathly quiet as usual, Mr Smooth interjects and tells me this week is going to be a little tricky, as every run is different culminating in the 20 minutes stretch which happens on Thursday.

I start my first run and it’s fine, no issues, no nasty cyclists, no builder’s bums, just a nice smooth run. I make my way to Paternoster Square which is bathed in sunlight and a perfect place to do a circuit, but there’s a few people in there so I decide to dip into the side streets around St Pauls instead. Here it’s cooler, darker and really tranquil, as ever I take the road less travelled and found this extraordinary gentleman’s outfitters. Now I know where to come for my next fancy dress outfit.

Mr Smooth interrupts and tells me I have one more run to go and to keep the pace no matter how slow that may be. And so I do, I trot slowly back to Paternoster Square and think how nice it would be to meet up with Mr Smooth, to keep me company. The closest I can get to him however is skirting the ‘Meet’ statue. Not quite the same, but still it’s more or less my cue to finish my final run.

Thanks Bev for the final push – it wasn’t my best ever effort, but it’s one more step on the running road – no twinges today so maybe things are looking up. Next run is truthfully the halfway point of C25K. Mr Smooth is upping the ante, but he tells me he will be by my side. Mr Smooth I’ll meet you at the ‘meet’ sign – see you there Tuesday?


5.5km run/walking

Two interesting statues

One necessary nudge from Mr JCR and Bev


Same as last time – yawn!!


Deck Of Ginger Ale Playlist

Most appropriate track – ‘I Won’t Back Down’ – Tom Petty




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