Tickled Pink – Week 5 Done


After my last run through a fart cloud on a clear blue sky day, I was hoping for the same conditions minus the fart cloud. The day didn’t start well when I couldn’t cope with the front loader, but Mr JCR pointed out it comes with a self-contained grappling hook to help. Aha, so much easier when you know how. RTFM – JCR, except bras don’t come with manuals, so how was I supposed to know?

Sure enough, the irony of being in lockdown whilst we have what must be one of the warmest and sunniest Aprils on record, made me smile wryly and go out for my date with Mr Smooth, with just a bit of trepidation. But I’ve done this before, so I know it’s doable.

Today is generally the OMG run in C25K when you go from having run a maximum of eight minutes in one stint to a twenty minute job.

I cannot believe as a self-confessed lizard that I had to seek the shade, but my thinking was I am not used to running for twenty minutes, my right hip is still not quite right and the last thing I need on top of all those factors is running in full sun. So this lizard was scuttling in the shade and close to home.

My second thinking preparation was that should I suffer the humiliation of not completing the leg, then I can wander home crying my eyes out or swearing at myself loudly for the shortest distance possible to minimise the public embarrassment.

This doesn’t exactly sound like positive thinking really, but with a slash of runner’s red lipstick  and a bottle of water, I was ready to go.

And I did it, that’s it. No fart clouds, no incidences, a trouble-free twenty minute stint and I could have done more, but decided discretion was the better part of valour. I continued walking to the 6km mark to enjoy the sun as a true lizard would.

On my way back to the apartment I noticed that the recently planted magnolias were still  in bloom, and I reckon they matched my mood, I was tickled pink at the achievement and I reckon the flower wasn’t magnolia pink at all, more like Berry Smoothie in my opinion.

At least my face had calmed down and was a muted sorbet colour.

A day of rest and then Week 6 of C25K beckons, back to shorter intervals, but I think I can now start to pick up the pace, and if that happens then my face will be a lot closer to fuchsia than magnolia.


6km walk/run

No fart clouds

1 blue sky


Same as usual


Back to the 80s with Razouski Original

Best track – Alive and Kicking by Simple Minds it got me through the terrible 10s (when you’re running anaerobically)









2 thoughts on “Tickled Pink – Week 5 Done

    • Yup – especially as I am using up the last dregs of it…, this is what lockdown does, I have become the woman who cuts opens bottles to squeeze out every drop!!! London running isn’t quite as interesting as Italy, because in Italy I get to see ‘my running crew’ whereas London is only ever a series of strangers. But the phantom farter I could have done without encountering !


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