Running in Iran – Week 6 Run 1

I remember distinctly the first time I ran this run, we were in Italy and had just said goodbye to our dear friends J & G, who had sold their house in a nearby village as they were returning to The Netherlands, as G has ALS and for a variety of reasons living between two countries wasn’t going to be easy to accomplish.

One of the great things of our friendship is the love of pretty much all things Italian (roads and bureaucracy excepted) and so a deep and mutual love for wine, meant that the first time I did this run, it was with a hangover head, as we’d had a goodbye meal and drink the night before.

I also remember clearly that I couldn’t actually do the intervals,  it was an epic fail on the run, and I was really, really angry. Angry at choosing to run on a day when it would have been better to accept reality and nurse the headache. Angry because physically there was no reason I couldn’t run, whereas for G running is something that ALS was to steal from him. Angry, because it was the one and only run I had to repeat. Angry because stupid tart syndrome had hit me hard.

Pointless anger to be honest, because two days later I attempted the run and did it easily. And so to today’s attempt – the third time I’ve actually done this run. This is back to shorter intervals and in principle it should be easier as my last one was a 20 minute stint. But I know from all my friends on the C25K trail that this particular run often catches you out and bites you on the bum. So I gave myself a good talk prior to going out, I wasn’t going to do a super sprint effort, I was going to take it easy and just get it done and anger was not going to feature.

Mr Smooth told me it’s another week of different runs and to take it easy, but that he knew I could do it. I pootled to the City and some of the Guild’s gardens that are blissfully quiet at the weekend, and decided when at Saddler’s Hall that I’d do some snakes and ladders runs, up and down slopes and staircases, to help build stamina.

Well that plan got scuppered when running the slope for the umpteenth time an old lady and her companion pushing her wheelchair gestured that they wanted to sit on the benches in the sun. It seemed childish and churlish to say I’d got there first, so I smiled and ran on to find another oasis, remembering the ‘no anger’ pledge.

Running through the mini tree-lined avenue I aimed for Goldsmith’s Hall, it had no slope but a staircase, and a rather funky leopard’s head above its entrance.  These gardens are rather small, and so somewhat reluctantly I carried on, heading towards the Bank of England, looping back I skirted around Saddler’s Hall once more, just in case it was empty and I could finish there, but it had more folks there, so I turned back to the funky leopard and there my intervals ended. Run done, no problems, no hangover head, no sweat. It was such a nice run, that I continued for a few more minutes, which is totally against the C25K mantra of following the programme religiously, but it was only for a couple of minutes more. I definitely felt the running gene kicking back in, it’s been a long time absent.

Then when combining the run with grocery shopping I pulled out my credit card to find that I’d lost the other one (it must have happened whilst taking pics). Oh bum , don’t get angry JCR, just get organised. A very pleasant clean cut American answered my lost card call, I explained I’d lost the call on my morning run and could they stop it please. And the answer back was ‘So Mrs JCR, you say you’ve lost your card in Iran’. Being American he said Eye Ran phonetically.

Well I-ran around the City, but not Iran and I explained – he had little chuckle and we carried on.

Today’s run – no snakes and ladders, but I found a funky leopard, lost my credit card but not my temper.


4km of run/walking in Iran

Espied one funky leopard

Lost a credit card

Gained a sense of perspective on W6R1

Ran for an extra two minutes

No hip twinge!


Usual stuff, it might be working even though I hate every bit of it


Glam Polly Mix

Best track was So you Win Again by Hot Chocolate, because I did

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