No Particular Place To Go – Week 6 Run 2

He was a lot bigger close up

Another day, another run and back to longer intervals this time ten minutes, which surely should be a breeze after a twenty minute stint in Week Five. Funnily enough that’s not exactly how it works, mainly because your  brain tricks you into thinking you can pick up the pace and then when you do, you find that was a really, really stupid thing to do, because you sound like an asthmatic badger at the end of the first interval.

It’s a cooler day, which is better for running and keeps most folk indoors, which helps me not having to dodge wayward pedestrians/bikes/ skateboarders/those stupid scooters/buses etc, but didn’t help me work out the best pace. Ho hum.

Whilst I was  really stupid overdoing it on the first interval, I didn’t feel quite as bad as I thought I might. But that’s absolutely no reason to repeat the mistake, and the second interval is much more of a pootling pace, which was difficult to Donna Summer singing I Feel Love, followed by T Rex and MetalGuru, then Mud’s Tigerfeet, all of which are good feel-good songs for running, but not so great for maintaining a slower pace.

The City is gradually opening up again, you can feel and sense more movement, the air is slightly more metallic in taste and it’s harder to hear birdsong. But for now, the City still represents the best place to run. It’s not blessed with many green spaces, which keeps families at home, and it’s surprisingly easy to get lost if you don’t know where you are.

Even though I’ve worked in and around the City for over 30 years, you can still get lost by taking random turns. My newest discovery is Old Sreet Yard – a funky new office area with green space and a guy talking on his mobile phone. This is near the supposedly world famous Silicon Roundabout, an area which is being seriously gentrified, although the pace has slowed a little with the virus.

At this point, I had The Rubettes keeping me company, followed by The Bay City Rollers, and I was singing along to Shang A Lang. Tragic isn’t it? But the great thing about sing alongs is they help in stopping you from constantly looking at your timer wondering when the interval is up.  And the music worked a treat, job done, intervals done, and a warm down walk to follow.

I had no particular place to go, and was wandering home, when a green and grey and Celeste flash went past. Mr JCR doing his City Limits bike ride, I did shout and wave, but he was focussed, and didn’t see me.

Another three kilometres walked, to take me up to 8kms for the day, lovely jubbly as Del Boy would say.

No particular place to go but Wednesday is the twenty five minute stint and after that one it’s just a matter of time and tempo to hit the 5K mark. Wednesday is all about mind over matter, that means a no booze supper on Tuesday. (Mr JCR doesn’t know that – he’s not going to be happy…)


Just under 5km for the C25k walk/run

One statue liked

More modern art seen, but I got lost again and can’t actually remember where it was

Sing Out Loud Moments – three (cringe)


Pelvic Thrusting on the Floor


Constipated Crab Walking


Hip Flexor Things


I’ve got to up the ante on these, so am thinking maybe I do fewer reps but start doing it every day, so I end up doing more. Not sure as I hate doing them, but I’ve torn an arm muscle so my kettlebells are out of the question.


Glam Polly Mix

Best Track of the Run =  War by Edwin Starr, although my accompanying grunting probably was a bit distracting for some





4 thoughts on “No Particular Place To Go – Week 6 Run 2

  • I’d really forgotten how much I LOVE your running commentaries… I am back doing C25K with my daughters… stupidly we started on wk 4… & a few weeks later we are still on wk4… too nervous to progress… I know… I’ve done it before (twice!)… & my daughters have actually run 4 marathons (London, Dublin, Edinburgh, & Honolulu)… so guess next week we will have to bite the bullet & move on… been running with Laura…. maybe it’s time to move on to Mr Smooth… 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi – oh thank you for saying such a nice thing about the blog entries. Sometimes they’re easy to do sometimes not, as you well know. And for me Week 4 was a big step too, but I didn’t start out on C25K at that week, you are so brave doing that! But you could have a go at the first two runs in W5 and just see how they go. I’m determined this time that I won’t get angry/upset if I cant do one, patience is a virtue so I’m told. I’m just glad I’m keeping the hip problem at bay. I think I would be very depressed if it came back, but I think the 2018kms in one year may have had something to do with that. I’d really like to get my 2018 figure back too… And as to daughters running marathons, wow, I cant envisage doing them at all. the most I ever did was 21kms on an ‘accidental’ run in London, when I felt so good I just kept on going. But the thought of doing that run twice – wow amazing. Wednesday is the 25 minute run – wish me luck!


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