Knuckling Down in Lockdown – Wk 10 Run 2

In 2018, I set myself a challenge to run 2018km, to raise funds for Alzheimer’s Research.

Lessons learnt from that include:-

  • Setting a challenge is a good thing
  • Setting a stupid challenge is a bad thing
  • Preparation for challenges is more important than I thought
  • Habits take longer than one year to stick

With these lessons in mind, I’ve decided to set myself a new running challenge for 2020.

To keep running three times a week. Knuckling down to a commitment.

That’s it, no specific split times, personal best records, distances or stupid macho targets (what is the female version of macho by the way?)

And now my new running routine will be Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays. It gives me an extra day off a week, from the Couch to 5K regimen of running every other day. I’d like to get back to running greater distances, but at present I’m happy pootling at the 5km mark.

Bearing this in mind, I set out today into a fresher morning around the City, unfortunately Paula is still misbehaving, and I’ve finished my antibiotics. Being a lizard is probably not helping, so I’m upping my water intake to see if that helps.

It’s cooler today and that bodes well as the heat really hits my desire and ability to run. Off I trot starting off on my reggae playlist, which generally has a fantastic pace for me.

Peter Parka isn’t on duty and all is quiet on a City Sunday morning, I make my way towards the Bank of England and ran past these cheeky chaps guarding the entrance to Drapers’ Hall. I’d quite like having these as entrance guards to a fancy pad, but probably a bit over the top for our apartment.

As usual I give myself a mini challenge to find somewhere I haven’t run and a little while later I ended up in Austin Friars Passage, with a very old fashioned sign at its entrance. It’s not that close to the Stock Exchange anymore and I don’t think the company exists anymore, they certainly weren’t on the second door on the right as I ran through.

My 3km warning rang and I was feeling nice and comfortable, save for Paula making her presence known, and I thought it would be better to run closer to home just in case. It was an uneventful run, but plenty of other runners nearby. I have noticed though that no-one really acknowledges you when you do a fly by.

I always smile, nod,  and then try not to look stalkerish or deranged, but my fellow runners don’t respond. I wonder why that is? True enough today I only passed men, and they may feel it’s a bit difficult/awkward smiling at a woman, but I’m hardly a sex symbol on legs, and certainly don’t look anything like ‘pick-upable’ or presentable when I’m running.

Or maybe that’s the reason…

And they were all ages and shapes, it’s not as if I was perving at an Idris Elba lookalike.  I think I may break my pledge to only have one challenge on running, I’ll see if I can collect a smile/acknowledgment/wave from fellow runner next time out.

Whilst pondering the mysteries of runners and whether I have a really off-putting face, mechanical voice lady piped up that I’d completed the 5kms.

Well that’s Run 2 of Week 10 completed, I just want to keep the running streak up, Suzy K – graduation is getting ever nearer, now MummyCav has done her 10k, you and I have to keep the smaller runs going.


5km run

2km walk

A screaming fit at Spotify when it dropped my playlist and gave me some random country music


  • Squats
  • Bridges
  • Clams
  • Hip Flexors
  • Pelvic Thrusts
  • Crabs
  • Touching Toes


Rooting for Reggae Playlist

I think this is a bit short on tracks, but Three Little Birds by Bob Marley got me into a lovely rhythm.


4 thoughts on “Knuckling Down in Lockdown – Wk 10 Run 2

  • Your new goals sound perfect ~ the type I’ll be planning on doing… last week was not a good one C25K wise… Not sure how you manage to run in Italy… it was just too hot for me here… runs 2&3, I ran the 25 mins but had to walk a couple of mins in the middle… so will be repeating this week… It was still running, so onward & upward 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️😘


    • Running is running and the C25K is a guide not an instruction book…, so I know exactly how you feel I have a feeling when I get back to Italy that the heat will temper my distances…


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