C25K – Week 10 Done, and So Was I

The last run of week 10 beckoned and I was faffing. Get ready, add the shopping bag to my running shoes, because today is a fish run. Put the laundry on, take the rubbish out, chat to the concierge, strut on my warm up walk. Flash of panic, I can’t recall locking the apartment door, a run back to the block, check the door, it was fine, start the warm up strut again, slightly pinker in face than when I’d started.

Not so much JCR as Jan Can Panic, after being Jan Can Prevaricate.

On my second attempt, I decided just to run where my legs would take me – minimum 30 minutes or 5km whichever was manageable. It was very muggy and I was being covered in thrips whilst running. Particularly gruesome when they go in your mouth. Ugh.

I decided to head up West a bit via Holborn and the Inns of Court area, it’s usually quiet here and I was listening to my colours playlist, which has a reasonable number of His Purple Highness’ tracks – I’d got through Little Red Corvette, Raspberry Beret and Cream by the time I saw even more lovely flowers near St Pauls.

My favourite track is on this playlist is Purple Rain, but stubbornly His Purple Highness refused to play ball. My running mate Mummycav has the most fantastic pair of new red trainers and I thought of her taking them out for the inaugural run when Elvis Costello came on, singing Angels Wanna Wear My Red Shoes. I was aiming towards The Strand and took a little diversion and came across my final pic.

I don’t know if it was a lockdown hint, but like most people my ‘standards’ have taken a tumble during these past couple of months. From my hair being immaculately coloured and cut every 4 weeks, to a a badger stripe of roots having to be cunningly disguised with L’Oreal’s magic spray. Maybe I need to also look at the old eyebrows and see if they need sorting too, if so Tweezer’s Alley is the best place to do that work al fresco.

A couple of weeks ago, whilst running around the City I came across Whalebone Court, and I thought then I may need that kind of corseting to get back into pre Corona belly shape. So whilst London’s gardens are ablaze with colour and in their prime, I find my self needing hair colour, an eyebrow shape and looking less than sublime.

Maybe a virtual shopping trip run is necessary for me to improve my wardrobe and grooming, that could be a good theme for next time out maybe. I feel a running plan coming into being.

The 5kms were done but it was a struggle to get going in the warmth of mid-day. Note to self, get up earlier!


5km run

Another 5km walk

One False Start


Same old, same old


Colours playlist

Best track Purple Rain, even though His Purple Highness waited until I’d got back into the apartment.



4 thoughts on “C25K – Week 10 Done, and So Was I

  • Lovely Jan…my shoes popped into your head!! I’m no angel but I was wearing those red shoes and enjoying every second of it!!
    I love the colours playlist and have listened to it many times…there’s so much to look at out there that having the playlist that backs this up works perfectly…I love the connection between the street sign and your lockdown eyebrows…I started my run on ‘Manley street’ this morning…hopefully there’s no connection there with me?!! 😂
    Another lovely run for you Jan…you’re come back is inspiring xx


    • It’s one of my favourite playlists too, and I was thinking of more coloured songs I think I’ve missed… Am going to use it for the Rainbow run shift on Saturday, as I’ve been co-opted into Team Indigo. And I looked at the OB site – I can’t get the red ones …. boo hoo 😦 No you’re not Manley at all!) Near us there is a Victorian passage called Passing Alley, which was changed from Pissing Alley because that was it’s original purpose. I’ve yet to find a Fatty Bum & Tum Lane in London, but I’m sure there will be one somewhere! JCR XXXX


  • I’m still amazed you can run in the heat… I almost listened to the colours playlist today too, but in the end oped for Retro Runners 60s music… All that California Dreaming… 😉 Not many street signs out here, but lots of badgers… I’m getting ‘blonder’ by the day 😂


    • Oh I’d love to see badgers, do they have blonde hair too? I must do some retro runners new lists, but am trying t take it slow and make sure I commit to the running, before going back to running playlist compilation. I have in mind to wait until I’ve done a 12 week streak – I don’t why but 3 months seems as though I’ve made the commitment. You out tomorrow?


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