Week 11 C25K – Dry Running for Team Violet


Today is the first run of week 11 on C25K. Well as you all know there isn’t such a thing, but if I keep writing as though I’m on a programme, hopefully the running bug will stick.

To help with the stickiness, I’ve volunteered to be part of the  Facebook C25K Beyonders Rainbow running challenge as a deputy. The challenge had already been set and Team Violet needed an emergency stand in for tomorrow’s run. The challenge is to run as far as you can in 19 minutes, choose a suitable team coloured baton and be wearing one item of clothing in said colour.

My scheduled appearance for Team Violet is tomorrow, but that doesn’t exactly fit with my schedule, as my Week 11 runs start today, Sunday and then Tuesday. I didn’t want to shirk running today as I desperately want to keep the habit going.

Team Violet need the help and I quite like the challenge, as it’s fun to be part of something, so I’m running today and tomorrow. Which as fellow runners know is not really the best thing to do, when you’re a beginner. But I have done this before, and so today’s run was a dry run, just to see what I could do.

Screenshot 2020-05-26 at 15.11.29

I have chosen my ‘baton’  and I’ve identified a pair of my dad’s socks I can wear – they’re his Friday socks with a violet coloured band, to be worn on a Saturday but I’m sure he’d appreciate the irony of his daughter knowing the day but wearing the wrong socks on it. I’ve added Violet Hill by Coldplay to my Colours Playlist. So I’m all set for tomorrow’s little run out, except…

I don’t actually know how to set up my running kit to run 19 minutes. Map My Run has a timed prompt of 5 minutes or 10 minutes, so that doesn’t work. Maybe I need to set the timer function separately or just run looking at the phone until the 19 minute mark is reached.

I tried that today and unfortunately, with it being very warm, by the time I got my phone out of its holder and pressed stop, I’d gone beyond the 19 minute deadline. My fingers were so sweaty they slid off the phone.

Also I got sidetracked, when I saw the violet coloured bike near the violet pansies, it just had to be photographed, but that meant I wasn’t really running for 19 minutes non-stop because I faffed a lot taking the pic, and same issue with sweaty fingers.

After much deliberation, I’ve decided I will run to my playlist, have Map My Run On and I will add in the timer function on my phone. Oh and I’ll go out earlier in the day so that I don’t get sweaty fingers.

Sounds like a plan Jan, so the dry run ended up being a sweaty run, but I learnt a lot. the main lesson being I’m useless with technology.

Today’s stats a little down, because I didn’t want to overcook things when I’m going to be running on successive days.



Time – way too long


Yawn – yes it was done…

Colours Playlist

Including new track Violet Hill by Coldplay, which I’d never heard before, but quite liked it. It was the closing track on my run today, once that came on I decided to  call it a day, so that I can run again tomorrow.





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