Wk 11 Run 2 – Giving Battle in Vain

Today is Team Violet Day on the Rainbow Challenge. Yesterday on my dry run  for today as I was scared I’d muck it up, I found a gorgeous violet bicycle up against one of the City’s bike planter stands, coincidentally with violet coloured flowers in them.

But that was yesterday, today I have to run non-stop for 19 minutes and so photos  of violet coloured items have to be in second place.

First part of the challenge to wear something violet in your running clothing and my choices were:

  1. Dad’s Friday Socks (they have Friday embroidered in them) – he had daily socks to help him with his Alzheimer’s confusion
  2. My Brooks trainers which have a kind of violet flash on them
  3. My Liverpool V Southampton Wristband, which I was wearing when I took some of  my dad’s ashes to Anfield (we won!!! – sorry Mr JCR)

Second part of the challenge, to choose a suitable baton to pass onto the next runner.(thankfully you don’t have to run with it)

My receiving baton was a vacuum cleaner pole, and my choice of baton to pass on is a choice between Christopher Wren gin (violet label and a rather natty bottle shaped like St Paul’s dome) or Belvoir Blackcurrant cordial (posh Ribena).

Suitably snapped I went out, and synchronised my Map My Run and Count Down Timer. Listening to my colour’s play list, altered yesterday to include Coldplay’s Violet Hill, in honour of today’s rainbow relay, I started my warm up walk to Madness and Grey Day, except of course it’s not and Mr Blue Sky would have been more fitting, but Spotify is on random, and so you get no choice in appropriateness.

The City is slowly waking up from lockdown paralysis and I decided to stay in the back streets for shade and coolness. Of course old habits die hard and  I found myself trying to find violet things to snap on my camera, but that would hold me up and taking pics doesn’t count as running. I decided to speed up a bit, which in hindsight was a bit of a mistake. Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours coincided with my first lousy attempt at a sprint, followed in quick succession with Lavender by Marillion. Of course the first ten minutes are always horrid when running, and trying to push yourself when you haven’t really got into a rhythm was a little bit stupid. Hence today’s post title, it wasn’t Richard Of York  who Gave Battle In Vain, it was JCR.

A bit of violet vanity got in the way of being sensible, and so of course I slowed down quite considerably,  and even when Yellow Submarine came on which is quite jaunty, I can confirm that my legs weren’t and I wasn’t.

On my second squiggly loop Map My Run Mechanical Voice Lady told me I’d done 15 minutes, and at this point I was getting nervous that I may mess up the timekeeping. To the tune of Golden Years and Mr Bowie, I made my way towards Throgmorton Avenue, which is a little known alleyway in the City. My old employers NatWest used to have offices there, and I know it’s in shade during the morning. I entered Throgmorton Avenue to His Purple Highness and Purple Rain – what a fantastic tune and he accompanied me to the end of the Violet relay.

It wasn’t quite the right coloured song, but close enough I reckon, and whilst on my run, I didn’t see anything violet,  but I made up for it on my warm down walk. Violet flowers in a window box, the NatWest door sign. And I resisted the temptation to snaffle a Flake Ice Cream from Marks and Sparks…

Today wasn’t totally in vain. I feel fine, despite having run yesterday. I’ve learnt that sprinting from the off, is a truly dreadful idea and having a mini challenge is a really good idea.

Kirsti on Team Violet, choose your baton – naughty or nice and good luck for your relay tomorrow.


Distance 2.66km in 19.02 minutes (pathetic)

Improved self control


Do I have to?


Raspberry Cornet

Best track – Purple Rain by His Purple Highness, never was a track so perfectly timed

2 thoughts on “Wk 11 Run 2 – Giving Battle in Vain

    • Yes what a complete and utter div head I was! I’ve never been fast always a slow mo girl – trying to sprint from within the first couple of minutes was just plain crazy… Doh, stupid tart syndrome hits again. You’d think at my age I would have learned.
      Still tomorrow is back to normal!
      How you doing now – graduation getting closer, she types in an almost mad Jack in The Shining tone!!!


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