Week 12 Run 1 – Not On A Roll

I was reading a very useful link about increasing stamina and/or speed on your runs by the run/walk method. And it’s used by ultra runners – the guys and gals who run for 100 miles and more, and furthermore it’s not cheating.

That has given me a plan, as I’m trying to get my speed and distance up, I will now split my runs into smaller sections and alternate run/walking. Apparently it’s great for giving your body recovery time and then you have stamina to go again.

It’s Thursday and 13.30pm and my pre-run conditioning today is re-painting the damn hall wall. The promised ‘sexy’ roller arrived in the post this morning, it is wooden handled, which makes it heavier and you have to wash the roller itself before using it. So far, so posh.

Now onto the third paint coat on the wall, oh and joy this bloody roller has got a flaw in it too – despite me checking it all over and washing it with organic hand wash. Mr JCR is trying to be encouraging telling me the wall looks better than it did, which it does – it’s just a different type of flaw showing up. So I’m taking a ‘walk break’ in the run on painting, in the hope the roller recovers to flawless condition and the wall won’t need doing again.

The phrase a watched pot never boils, in my mind has become a watched wall never dries. Similarly, the bad news on the wall front, means I’m lacking the necessary oomph to go for a run, and as I know only too well a deferred run never gets done. I’m slurping my tea (not slurping actually, as my parents would have gone mental if I slurped anything). Faffing about, prevarication, hesitation, deviation all the tools are at hand telling me not to run. And so I don’t and the effing wall is still patchy, but as Mr JCR says it is drying out.

Now I’m reading a whole load of painter and decorator fora, they all say pretty much the same thing Farrow and Ball paint is a nightmare. We chose it because it is low VOC which means not so many nasty chemicals are chucked into the air, but it seems that normal ‘chemical’ paint doesn’t streak and patch. So far, one wall has taken up 3/4 of the can. It’s also taken up more than 75% of my goodwill to do it. My summary of this paint, great colour and a shit finish. Which I’m hoping won’t be the result of my run tomorrow – yes I’ve conceded I am not going to run today.

Friday – yes I’m going for my run, yes the wall is streaky and patchy – a good night’s sleep hasn’t affected it at all. The upside is as we have no sun you can’t see the patchiness, and it also means I won’t get quite so hot and bothered on my run.

Blimey, it’s chilly and somewhat optimistically I opted for shorts – my legs are a very fetching shade of corned beef mottled red and white. I turn towards the City and decide a run by the river might be quite nice, as ordinarily in June it’s full of tourists and running is more a case of dodgems.

I aim towards St Pauls and across the wobbly bridge – with barely a soul on it. Two cyclists and one more pedestrian, how I’d love to see more people around – and I don’t say that often being a grumpy old woman when London is full of people. But hey, you’re all welcome back and there’s only one pesky visitor and his family to evict. Mr Corona and your virus family, you’ve more than outstayed your welcome, not that anyone wanted you anywhere in the first place.

I’ve gone beyond the terrible tens now and am pootling along South Bank, making my way towards Borough Market, which is suspiciously quiet, but the weather is cold and maybe more people are now returning to work. My plan for today is two twenty minute runs punctuated by a five minute walking break. Listening to the ‘top three singles’ playlist, I’m happily mentally singing along to Vienna, after having already heard Purple Rain, both of which are in my top three singles. Vienna closes out and brings me close to London Bridge, where I discover a new place that’s popped up since I was last in this area ‘Vinegar Yard’ which is like a mini Borough, but with a flea market and other stalls too. This is part of a Bermondsey Urban Renewal project, but due to Covid it’s all shut down. But definitely worth a return visit one day, just to see how it measures up to all the other street markets in London.

I wasn’t sure about the red ants on the train coach top, it seemed a bit too apocalyptic especially in these Covid times, and married with Deep Purple’s Mandrake Root, it all felt a bit gloomy. Then my third favourite single came on ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’ which I adore, but it’s not exactly the happiest of songs either, but it did start me on my second 20 minute stint.

I haven’t quite got my pacing right yet, I spend too much time going too fast and then having to almost walk to catch my breath, so this obviously needs some work. Like the accursed wall, my method is patchy. I was doing nicely on the way towards home, when I got poleaxed by an advert on Spotify for Father’s Day. Cue an unexpected flood of tears and an inability to take another step.

So I’m a bit peed off now, I didn’t quite do the timing or the distance I wanted, but I think the premise of run/walk may work out quite well. Next time out I’ll give the method  another go. I ended up not being on a roll at all, but I did go out for the run, and now the sun is shining, which means I can see the damn streaks on that wall…. Ho hum.

My face is not a great colour and the run was a shit finish, so there are some similarities with Farrow and Ball…


5.93km registered, but that included the 5 minutes walk break and the early finish, so maybe 5km done.

Time 43 minutes


Mmmm, can’t be bothered


My Top 3 Singles

Best track – Purple Rain







2 thoughts on “Week 12 Run 1 – Not On A Roll

  • OMG JCR your posts do make me laugh…. good to know re F&B – their colours are gorgeous… but not worth all the faff you’re going through…. sorry to hear about the inopportune Spotify ad too… 😦
    Today’s run (W8r3) almost killed me… well maybe a slight exaggeration, but started off far too fast (was listening to SweatyBetty Running List – not that I own any SB sadly…), was flagging badly at about 25mins… but realising I had less than 5 more mins meant that I was able to drag my sorry bones on… I like the idea of shorter runs with walk break, to extend time… might try that myself after next week… finding it soooooo much harder this time around… that’s what comes with birthdays I guess… 61 shortly …. agghhhh!!! how did that happen! xxx


    • Oh you poor thing, I genuinely think I still have the muscle memory from 2018 and my typical 1km time was about 6 minutes or so, depending on heat and hills. And I think when I start running that’s my ‘normal’ pace, but of course it’s not – a year off and a dodgy hip, and Coronavirus timber doesn’t help with speed at all. And I agree with you, I hit 60 the day Boris announced the full shop/cafe/bars lockdown and this time around it seems so much harder, even though I’ve done it before so you think it would be easier. Age wise I’m in denial, totally supported by my GP (nice lady) who said 50 was the new 40 once to me, so I’m cutting 10 years off as my standard. But the bones don’t lie…;) We hope to get back to Italy soon, and then we have Brexit to deal with, as we won’t be able to stay there for any longer than 90 days in each six months. We’re frantically working out whether to move there as our permanent home (but it’s awfully boring in Winter after Christmas) or to do 90 days on and off. But it doesn’t work so well as we have 2 acres of land, olive trees, vines, cherries, figs to look after…. I realise it’s a very first world problem and most people would be glad to have it, but we quite liked spending 8 months there and 4 here. We asked for some advice from Italian lawyers (horrendously expensive) and were quoted 2800 Euros – we are both now frantically googling for options. Ho hum.
      Have a great last running week and you’ll graduate a week today I imagine? Then I’d definitely go for the run/walk thing, it seems to work, and I did find the mini -rest helped with my second 20 minutes stint. Take care and I’ll be willing you on XXXX


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