Week 12 Run 2 – Today I Was Supposed To Be


somewhere else. Not any old somewhere else you understand, but acting as a back up driver for Mr JCR doing a mammoth ride of over 2000km in 2 weeks to raise money for MND/ALS sufferers.

The plan was to depart on Saturday, via our good friend’s house in Arnhem, over the Alps with a few unforgettable ascents to be made and onto our home in Italy on World MND/ALS day, linking all three countries via one mad man, his bike, his forgetful spouse and loads of goodwill, all to raise lots of cash for MND and ALS support and research in UK, Holland and Italy

The ride is called the Giro Di Muscoli and is based on the principle of  a grand cycling tour, similar to Tour De France, The Italian Giro or La Vuelta. And it was supposed to start yesterday from London, with a celebrity send off and many London cyclists accompanying my husband on his first leg to Harwich. Today was to have been the arrival in Arnhem to meet up with our dear friends Gerben and Jeanne. Gerben was diagnosed with ALS five years ago now, and his tenacity and never ending support from Jeanne and family, led him to secure significant sponsorship, to enable us to put on the Giro di Muscoli to raise funds for MND/ALS. Cyclists  are paying to complete various stages and getting sponsorship for their rides.

The plan was that the tour would take two very hard weeks, finishing in Italy, our home, on World ALS/MND Day 21st June. Now things are on hold, and Mr JCR cycled the first stage to Harwich on Saturday with three ICC buddies acting as outriders and moral support. He  also did the return leg from Harwich to London on Saturday too. This ride equates in distance  to the original  Saturday and Sunday plans to get to Arnhem – the famous location of A Bridge Too Far.

Mr JCR has done two incredibly hard legs in absolutely crappy weather and now it’s my turn to get off my arse and go for a run. For me two legs of about 20 minutes time each leg, with a five minute break. Clearly there’s a significant difference between Mr JCR’s fitness and mine!

My fitness and stretching routine for Saturday involved painting that bloody wall again. Coat number four, with new paint pads instead of the sexy but blighted roller, the cheaper roller and the mini roller. And guess what, yes it’s still bloody patchy. What’s really frustrating is I’ve patched up the other hall wall with much darker paint (not Farrow and Ball) and even though I did it really hastily, it matches better than the F&B wall – oh and it is an equally expensive brand, being patched after five years. Whilst I’m happy to admit I’m not a world class painter, I’m not entirely bereft of talent. At first I thought it was the tools, but with four different types of applicator, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the paint.

You need to do one coat all the way down from ceiling to floor, without gapping or stopping to reload paint, and the minute you try and feather out the joins between the first stroke and the second stroke, you end up with a visible join.

For me F&B has now got a new name F…king  and Boll…ks. And this is what one of the decorators said on one of the fora I checked out.

No no no and no! Too much hassle too many coats. Total nightmare! Unless it’s your place and you’ve got a million years to paint it! That’s my Farrow and Ball Emulsion review

This is a running blog, not a painting blog, but I seemed to have done more bloody painting than running lately. So to today’s run…

It’s cool and I’m sporting potentially corned beef colour legs again, on my way for two 20 minutes intervals. The warm up walk takes me towards the City, to do a loop up Old Street, Clerkenwell Road, Gray’s Inn Road, Holborn, St Pauls, Cheapside and back home, I reckon it’s just about long enough to get in forty minutes of running.

All fairly quiet today, the weather keeping most folk at home I guess, and I amble my way up to Old Street, crossing a road near a petrol station and a car almost runs me down, he shot into reverse without seeing me behind. Luckily he stopped, and a nice man asked if I was okay – I was fine, the car only touched me briefly. He then said ‘it was his fault’ and I nodded. By this time idiot driver man had driven away.

Somewhat shaken out of my stride I continued on my way, there’s some signs of things coming back to normal, with a few cafes opening for takeaway, and shop owners  clearing up stocks and generally tidying up.

Making my way towards Holborn, I came across a mobile road block, a family of five taking up the whole pavement, I was preparing to get grumpy/dart onto the main road and was totally surprised when the father looked behind him, then shepherded his family to one side of the pavement so I could undertake. Wow two nice people on one run – astonishing! I did say thank you.

Heading towards the City from St Pauls, I passed this chap and did a double take, as I was running I genuinely thought someone had fallen over in a shop window.  I turned back to see if they were alright. Okay JCR, stupid tart syndrome has hit you again:-

  1. We are in the midst of an epidemic, pretty much all the shops are closed
  2. It’s a Sunday in the City, pretty much all shops are closed as standard
  3. It’s a City boy shirt company, pretty much all City boy shirt shops are closed as standard on a Sunday, as the City boys have gone home, and they haven’t been in the City anyway because of point number one
  4. The body didn’t have a head

At this point I had about 3 minutes running left, so I just ran a mini route along Poultry and Gresham Street until my time was done, sporting an embarrassingly red face, not the same colour as F…ing and B..cks, but definitely on the warmer shade of the spectrum.

Job done, the first twenty minute interval not too bad the second a lot slower, but I expected that. Today I was supposed to be somewhere else, doing something far more worthy for MND and ALS sufferers, but Mr JCR and his outriders did a fab job yesterday, and a whole host of Dutch riders are actually riding the proper Hook of Holland to Arnhem leg today.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to them all, we will see you in September, for the revised Giro.


  • Just under 6km run
  • 2 nice chaps
  • 1 plonker
  • I ‘undead’ mannequin


Male Names Playlist

Best track – It’s Raining Men because it kept me going right at the death


Yes, done.





6 thoughts on “Week 12 Run 2 – Today I Was Supposed To Be

    • Yes our friend is 5 years since diagnosis and he is just amazing with his commitment to making the Giro Di Muscoli a reality. So little is known about it and a cure is a long way off. One of the frustrating things is that so few people remember what the ice bucket challenge was for…., it wasn’t meant just as a fun thing to do. We hope that we can get some more folks for the Giro because all our Spring promotional and social media plans went out of the window when Covid arrived, we hope to hit 50,000 euros in total to be split between Holland, Italy and UK. X

      Liked by 1 person

      • I met my Mother in law in Feb 1986 – she had been diagnosed with MND in Nov 1985, & she died in Oct 1986… Your friend is amazing…
        Yes, the ice bucket challenge simply became a challenge… Though I do believe, in spite of that fact, that it did raise a fair bit of money for MNDA… I will look out for Giro Di Muscoli… so you have a link?


      • Hi – oh yes here you go https://www.girodimuscoli.com. To be honest just passing the link onto people who cycle and who would sign up to do a stage would be a brilliant help. Mr JCR has raised another £600 after this weekend’s effort, so he is chuffed to bits. And I agree with you the ice bucket challenge did raise some cash, but we were talking to MND HQ in Northampton and even they said, somewhere along the line people lost the message, but that they were pleased with the initial fund raising. It’s another long hard fight … JCR XX


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