Week 12 Run 3 – Hitting That Effing Wall


As regular readers will know (SuzyKK I’m talking to you, in your C25K graduation week) I am developing a hate/hate affair with Farrow and Ball paint. Setting Plaster Estate Emulsion to be precise. My PE routine not Physical Exercise but Painting Exercise is paint one day whilst swearing loudly, followed by running on the following day, swearing loudly as I pass the effing offending wall.

Now I have executed my plan, I’ve painted a piece of paper in said colour and am going to the paint shop to get a copy done in a paint that doesn’t cause me to swear. I’d also observe that our hallway has got thinner as a result of four coats of paint over the four that were already on the walls. I wish I could say I was matching the hall, by getting thinner as a result of running, but I know from experience that takes a lot longer than 12 weeks.

Whilst today is Run 3 of Week 12, in reality it’s my second proper attempt at interval running, and this time I am making a conscious effort to be slower in the first set of intervals and faster in the second. This is going to be City running once more, I’ll see if Peter Parka is in situ, because the last time I looked he’d morphed into Pauline Parka, different hair do, age and uniform. Pauline wasn’t quite as diligent as Peter, she was standing by the side of the famous pick up point, whereas Peter guarded it with his life.

And so to run, except I can’t,  Paula has come visiting with a vengeance, which means I can’t run any further than our bathroom, going for a one hour running session is absolutely out of the question.  This of course leads me to restart the painting, with new non F…ng B…cks paint.  Well what do you know, the new paint is marginally better than the other stuff, now we have a wall with consistent patchiness, so maybe I’m a shit painter after all…

On further inspection it looks as though the initial roller because it had a lump in it has deposited lumps of paint in various places, and the new paint pads because they carry more paint have made those areas even more lumpy.

I think we’re going to have to sand the wall down, I can’t tell you how much that upsets me, because sanding it down means repainting….

So that’s my today run – no run, no rectification of the effing wall, just incredible frustration. Running tomorrow possibly if Paula takes her leave.



2 thoughts on “Week 12 Run 3 – Hitting That Effing Wall

  • Oh I know I shouldn’t… but you had me crying… both in sympathy as that bitch, Paula, is back… & at the saga of the F&B wall painting… “think we’re going to have to sand the wall down”… sadly yes, but just think, sanded wall, new rollers, new paint… It’s going to be gorgeous! (hopefully! 🤔😘)… W9R1 down… think I’m going to be ‘consolidating’ for some time after… am finding that 5+ years on has made a big difference… Still onward & upward 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️🏃🏼‍♀️


  • I can’t tell you how pissed off I am, two rollers both of which have flaws causing them to dump paint in patches. And no matter how you try you can’t roller over it – it’s only a small apartment and seriously I’ve used 3 litres of paint on a wall measuring 3 metres by 2 metres…, So far it’s cost us £70 in paint and £40 in rollers…

    Understand your view on consolidation I’ve found the same, I really thought I’d be much quicker and have more stamina second time around, but clearly not. But keeping on doing it I think is more important than the quick wins…

    JCR XX


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