Week 13 Run 1 – Taking Paula To Task


A rather large tower being built, and no-one to work in it…

A few days of rest and Paula still is lingering. I’m not permitted antibiotics because of the risk of antibiotic resistance, and I have to have four clear weeks, before getting any more. It’s only been three weeks, so I have to cross my legs and fingers and wait.

Matters are slightly complicated by the fact that we are on our way to Italy next week (France quarantine permitting) and I don’t want to arrive in Italy and add to their workload given COVID 19. Nor do I want to be doing a Radcliffe by the side of the autoroutes/autostradas.

Paula’s sense of urgency means that I can’t actually run too far away from home as there are no public conveniences open, and I am certainly not doing a Radcliffe in the City either.

I decided therefore that a short run was better than no run and that I’d combine it to a trip to a pharmacy and see what, if any, alternatives I have to antibiotics. I popped out and it’s a lovely day for running, coolish and no wind. Just a pity Paula’s tagging along.

And what do you know for the very first time in at least a year I did a sub 6 minute kilometre. Only the one mind you, but it’s difficult to focus on speed whilst wondering if Paula is going to make her presence felt. And I realise for the purists amongst you that just under 6 minutes a kilometre is hardly scalding pace, but I’m no longer a spring chicken, so I was quite chuffed. I spent most of my time in the City and spotted that a lot of cleaners were busy cleaning and tidying the shops, all ready for Monday’s grand opening I presume. Gardeners were out in force clearing up borders and replanting, all in all a sense of busyness in the air, and it was lovely to feel that once more.

I aimed towards St Paul’s and Paternoster Square, where I found quite a few folks around, heading out for lunch. It has to be said most are still wearing high viz, so mainly maintenance men rather than the usual City crowd, but it was a little frisson of activity. And seeing quite a few sandwich bars open was encouraging.

Paula started grumbling and so at just over three kilometres I stopped my run. A bit peed off, pardon the pun, and hot-footed my way to the pharmacy. Having dropped a ton, I am now the proud possessor of a Paula infection testing kit, complete with complementary phone app, four months’ supply of proactive medicine which supposedly stops the infections taking hold and two packets of treatment sachets, which should help. As the very nice pharmacist said, none of them are as good as antibiotics but over time they may be just enough to stop Paula taking a grip of my life so regularly. More to the point, I hope it means I don’t have to trouble the Italian medical system on arrival.

Yesterday I did painting again, this time the non F..ing and B…cks coloured wall, but the Squid Ink colour. Well it’s better, but the paint although unopened was a little old, and it had lumps in it, which despite my stirry stick didn’t appear until I’d started painting. So I’m not that happy with that wall either. But it’s ten times better than F&B. 

Mr JCR has suggested that we just leave the walls until we return in the Winter. I’m beginning to agree with him… And so now to the big packing up and essential shopping session. 

Mr JCR’s essentials include Branston Pickle and Marmite – I think the latter is disgusting and for me it’s the only bright spot in lockdown that there’s a Marmite shortage due to insufficient brewing. Mine are Marks and Sparks gluten free cashew and cranberry  and date and walnut toasts.  I may however have used up all available ‘essentials’ space with my Paula related supplies.

I’ll miss my City running, but hope to get in two more runs before we leave, if Paula is persistent they’ll be short ones only. But hopefully with a car boot full of Paula related medicines, she will take the hint and have the rest of summer off.


3 km run

One under the magic six minutes – yay


Nope… but I promise to do them next time


Razouski 80’s Mix 

Best track – Get Dancin’ – Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes




2 thoughts on “Week 13 Run 1 – Taking Paula To Task

  • Thanks for your support while I refinished C25K… Seems silly… felt sad thinking I’d miss your posts… 😉 Duh! Virtual world! Good luck on those Italian hills again; hopefully Paula will get lost on the way… Arrivederci & safe travels! xxx


    • Hi – you supported me I support you… that’s what we do. Am just out for what may be my last London run, trying to persuade myself I can fit one in on Tuesday the day before we leave, but that might be wishful thinking on my part…. We leave Wednesday – for what will be a 22 hour driving marathon, therefore highly unlikely I’ll run on Thursday – we usually crash for more or less 24 hours, then back to some kind of normal at the weekend hopefully. At least Italy is open, so I can get my roots done – I look like an old Billie Eilish without the in fashion green hair!


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