Week 13 Run 3 – All Washed Up On Laundry Lane

Laundry Lane, before I fell victim to scorchio sun

Well it’s been quite a week, Mr Macron kindly opened the French borders on Sunday, which meant on Monday we were frantically clearing out the apartment and packing up the car to drive to Italy on Tuesday. A late night Chunnel got us to France in the very early hours of Wednesday morning. Cue a 22 hour drive marathon, with me , Mr JCR and Paula making a very untimely reappearance for the journey.

Thursday passed in a blur of sleeping and unloading. Friday similar, but add in doing some food shopping. Saturday, getting the house in order and an absolute mountain of ironing done, plus dealing with the recalcitrant Paula. All of which led me to today’s inaugural run back in Italy. It didn’t get off to a promising start, when I had the most horrendous stomach cramps, but a mug of tea and putting on my big girl pants meant I’d decided to go out.

Aha, JCR you’d forgotten about the summer in Italy, and yes it’s scorchio and leaving at 10am for a run, was perhaps a couple of hours too late as the temperature was showing at 27 degrees. My warm-up walk took me to Mill Lane and I was running in earnest down Lovers’ Lane passing two such lovers walking hand in hand, passed by a very red and panting JCR. A quick lope around Villa Bali grounds and back to Mill Lane. There I had a dilemma take the downward track of the Hill that Kills, or the Slope of Hope.

The Slope of Hope won out, and it’s nice to know that some things never change, the accursed barking dog surprised me and then I met our neighbour’s dog Argo out on a walk with Patrizia. She welcomed me back and expressed surprise at me running in make-up – actually just lipstick – pootler’s pink, one of the encouraging tricks to get me out of the door.

Taking a right turn towards our village and Laundry Lane, I’d forgotten exactly how exposed that road is, with very little shade to be had. I was running from tree to tree in an attempt to keep cool, but this was a very hard effort. And after a while, I could go no further, the heat is really sapping, and I have to acclimatise to it once more. I’d run out of water and with Paula dogging my every step, it would not have been sensible to continue running (even if I could) so at 3.5kms in I stopped running and ambled back home. Just over 5kms done, 2/3 in a run and 1/3 a very slow walk. When I did C25K the first time around I started my running in these temperatures and so acclimatised from day one to running in heat. This time it’s different I’ve done all my running in the much cooler UK and nothing has prepared me for scorchio weather without shade. Clearly more running lessons to be learned. Maybe I will alternate shorter intervals of running with a restful walk until I get used to the temperatures again…

So unfortunately, I did end up all washed out in Laundry Lane. But to continue the analogy, my dirty washing has been aired – I’m a cool weather runner apparently. I just need to get out earlier and take it slower, but sometimes it’s worth taking a step back to move forward (Mr JCR will hate that phrase – especially if I say it’s a journey!!)

No worries, I now know where I had to stop, so I will try and do just that little bit better next time out.


  • 3.6km run
  • Timing – a shocker
  • 3 leaps in the air due to dogs barking, the Slope of Hope, Laundry Lane and Argo’s loop.


Sweetie Mix 

Best Song Deacon Blue and Chocolate Girl, because the lyrics say:

He calls her the chocolate girl
Cause he thinks she melts when he touches her

No-one around to melt me, just the scorchio sun and I was melting


Yes and I hated it…






5 thoughts on “Week 13 Run 3 – All Washed Up On Laundry Lane

    • Grazie. Ero stupido per fare un corso, senza allenare nel tempo scaldo! Fairly self explanatory – posh way of saying I had stupid tart syndrome and should have thought more about the run timing and the route, although in my defence there’s precious little shade to be had wherever I run now… Maybe I should do midnight and mosquitoes instead?
      Still it was good to do it!

      Liked by 1 person

  • Loving the lipstick idea Jan!! Maybe I should try it and I definitely need to find my big girl pants! I know what you mean about the heat and it’s not as hot here as in your beautiful Italy but it’s sapping my energy…early morning runner here too! Glad you made it back safe and sound, good old Mr Macron! I think having short bursts of running with a recovery in between sounds just the ticket…it was like reading a book for the second time hearing about lovers lane, the slope of hope, hill that kills and the dogs!!! Chocolate girl is one of my favourite songs, I will think of you melting on Laundry Lane when I hear it! xxx


    • Hi Bev – you should thank Ju-Ju for the lipstick idea, it was hers that I adopted. I have two colours Runner’s Ruby and Pootler’s Pink, Runners Ruby in London always and PP in Italy… Yes Chocolate girl totally made me smile, although the lyrics don’t quite work in my situation. But Tuesday is my next run and it’s estimated now hit the thirties so that will be close to 88 degrees in our money. I just need to get used to it again, I ran 6 minute kilometres in the heat once, so that’s my target for the year. Although I did notice my gippy hip was playing up and I think it’s the adverse camber on the roads, it was certainly more noticeable than when I’ve been pounding the streets in London. Anyway that’s the first one done!


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