Couch to 5K, Week 14 Run 2 – Too early for dogs…

Come on red men…

After Mr JCR promised to get me out of bed early enough to avoid the sun, we had both forgotten one major factor. My team were playing last night, and so we had to watch the match to see four superb goals and then at least an hour’s worth of punditry telling me how brilliant my team were.

Jamie Redknapp using tech to show just how superb TAA’s strike was, Graeme Souness sitting on his smugness cushion of five League Championships, three European Cups and four League Cups. John Barnes, not quite the svelte figure he once was, but with a lovely twinkle in his eye describing Liverpool’s dominance. After match interviews with TAA, Salah and my middle aged crush Jurgen Klopp – see he is almost named after the Kop, his parents just got their surname wrong.

It was another hour of bliss as far as I was concerned, but all of this orgy of self congratulation meant we weren’t exactly in bed at the appointed hour, late to bed doesn’t mean an early start. Nonetheless I was out earlier today, it was a nine number not a ten or eleven, but even so still scorchio.

When it’s 27 degrees at 9am you know you’re in trouble. And so I started my warm up walk outside the house and did a mini loop before starting up Mill Lane, all to get the warm up walking done in sun and be able to start my run in some shade. It was going brilliantly and I was pootling up Lovers’ Lane and who did I see ahead of me but my running inspirational couple – Anouska and Albino. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen them and there they were strolling along enjoying the views. We exchanged ciaos and salves (Roman Italian for good health) – it gave me a real boost. However not enough of a boost to be able to overcome the scorching heat and I think I may have overcooked my start.

On the Slope of Hope, I was early enough to avoid the barking dog balcony and made my way towards Laundry Lane. There I spied my red poppies, here again it’s boiling hot and even an hour or so earlier, it’s in full sun. I traipsed my way to the small shaded area and ran backwards and forwards. Out of the shade, I ran towards the local winery on Laundry Lane, passing another barking dog house, but although they were out I spotted them and didn’t leap when they started barking. But the sight of the unshaded incline really got the better of me, and I stopped running. 5km seems too much of a reach at the moment in 80 degree plus heat.

I managed 4.2km in all, a little better than last time out. The timing is still abysmal, but I think I will ignore that for now and just focus on getting the distance up, oh and getting up earlier. Sunday is my next scheduled run, so if I aim for an eightish departure then hopefully the temperature will be a little lower.

Suzy K – you are consolidating – how is it going? And do you have a classic album track for my latest playlist?

Today was too early for dogs, but not early enough for me. Change is going to have to be made, but if the red men win the Premiership tonight, then I promise to be up and out by 8am on Sunday.


  • Distance 4.2km
  • Time – Abysmally worrying
  • Leaping in the Air – not once


Yup and I was reading in the PHD Runner’s blog about her getting a gait analysis as she’s had a chronic injury problem, and one of the recommended exercises was the crab walking squats, and I’ve remembered I’d totally forgotten about doing those, so yes they are on my list too, along with bridges, hip flexors, pelvic thrusts, squatting, touching my toes.

And the skipping rope – now they’re called jump ropes, and they’re not rope, they are wires and they don’t half hurt when you swipe your bum with them. Well my best effort so far is 12 jumps in succession – that tells you how rubbish my coordination is… Still I’m going to have another go and see if I can manage 15 consecutive jumps.


Birthday Number Ones

Best Song Metal Guru – By T Rex – just loved Marc Bolan








4 thoughts on “Couch to 5K, Week 14 Run 2 – Too early for dogs…

  • Running was going well till I did something to my ankle on Mon… no idea what, was doing warm up walk & felt it twinge a little, eased up a little on my run, but then almost had to hobble back in my cool down… Left it for a few days as still hurting… Will leave it for a few more days… not ideal so early on in consolidation, but don’t want to end up on IC for another long period…
    Sweltering here too (tho not quite as hot as Italy… 😉)


    • Oh nightmare but you’re so right to be sensible about it. No point in hurrying recovery at all.You have to do what you have to do. Take it easy and hope you get back when you want.

      Scorchio here – when it’s over 80 degrees at 9am you know you’re in trouble, but hey ho… we chose Italy!

      Take care JCR XX


      • Hmmm… our 33C sunshine collapsed into the normal June weather today (some sun, mostly grey though, some spitting & some heavier rain, all accompanied by wind!)… so what does one do when that happens…? 🤔… head out for trial run on funny ankle… all ok, 30 mins done. 😁


  • Oh well done you and glad iffy ankle held up. We’ve had 29 degrees at 8am now and that is getting really hard to deal with. Actually I’m a run behind in write-ups too. Today’s warm up exercises for tomorrow’s run, was planting 19 oleander and 7 hydrangeas all in baking sun… Joy. Oh and trying new compost from our new hot composter – Jesus we both stink and I can categorically confirm that the so-called eco corn bags which are supposed to degrade in 28 days, have been in our composter for over a year and look like nappy liners… That was an unpleasant task I can tell you, removing semi-rotted corn bags from a 1.5 metre high composter.

    I feel like Tom and Barbara from The Good Life…

    The next gardening warm up is planting 100 lavender plants – even more joy… and I can’t tell you the look of elation when I told Mr JCR our oleanders need staking. It’s like drilling pure concrete here – we have a clay called Jenga – which is pretty impervious to anything and when you bang it or apply pressure it gets harder….

    But It is lovely here, despite the gardening travails.

    Run report will be posted later tonight

    JCR – take care and well done on an iffy ankle run. Good job done.


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