Week 15 Run 3 – It needs to be 6, to do 5


The alarm has been set and it’s a six number…

Mr JCR has his kit all ready, JCR has too. He’s in cycling gear I’m in pink running gear.

A coffee in the kitchen and we are out of the door. Mr JCR to do some silly amount of kilometres on the bike, as part of his training run for the Giro di Muscoli and me to do a far more sensible number on my feet.

It’s 18 degrees out, which feels pleasantly cool and so I make my way to the top of the Slope of Hope to start my warm up walk. Breaking into a run in Mill Lane, all is quiet and mercifully quite shady, not a soul to be seen, only the flowers are out and a few commuters, bombing past in their vans and cars.

Lovers’ Lane is a litte less shady and here I see my first sign of life, a lady in camo trousers walking two gorgeous greyhounds. Well I say walking, she was walking with one and then having to wait quite a while for the other one to stop investigating the lane’s undergrowth, and believe me it’s not nicknamed Lovers’ Lane for no reason, you really don’t want to go delving into the hedgerows.

We exchange ‘salves’ and I continue to make my way to the Hill That Kills – only this time I’m running down it, with the slightly cooler weather I’ve decided to take a different route for the first time since returning to Italy.

I pass the eggs for sale house, owned by pigiama mama, even so I think it’s too early even for her, all is quiet and shuttered. I’m in my stride now and making my way towards the bendy, scary road and to my delight it seems to be mostly in shade.

My delight is tempered by the commuting traffic, there are a number of blind bends, and you really do have to take the corners slowly in case you hear the whooshing sound of oncoming traffic. Drivers/riders still don’t expect to see runners on the road and so they are often very, very close to the verge. I never run with both earphones in as it’s way too dangerous. I pass through the danger zone and enjoy the relative cool. Glancing at my phone I see the temperature has already risen by four degrees Celsius in just on thirty minutes of my run. I’m holding a nice pace and just about to enter the next village’s outskirts, a little short of my five kilometre target and see I have 200 metres or so to go.  I decide to continue the run downhill and then do the final 100km running back up. I’ve been avoiding serious gradients, and that’s a pointless exercise really… I live on the top of a hill, sooner or later I have to get my hill legs working, so it may as well be now.

I truth I didn’t quite manage the full 100 metres back up the hill, I reckon I was five metres short, but I did with a breather finish at just over 5kms, at the memorial ‘park’ for the Italian hero who saved Churchill from a German sniper. I’d done a bit of my run towards a significant point in the Gothic line, and the park is so small I think I’d probably have to run around it about twenty times to do 100 metres. But it’s a nice safe place to stop and so I do.

The more direct route home is a 3km walk, and that’s the way I go. The temperature is now 25 degrees, I have suffered 3 mosquito bites – the downside of the shade and so no Dan Runner I won’t be running at 4.45 am, because I reckon the itch count would be significantly more.

Lessons learnt

  • it needs to be six a.m ish for me to do five kilometres or more
  • Italians are equally as mucky as British people – I saw nine discarded facemasks in the verge
  • My hill legs haven’t disappeared, but they do need some work


Distance 5.1km

Time – still iffy

Mosquito Bites – 3


Yes – but really must buy the yoga mat, as I’m not doing Bridges or Pelvic Thrusting

Jump Rope

33 skips!!!

Then 23, then 31 – but it is improving for a woman with no rhythm or coordination or spatial awareness…


My goddaughter Molly’s Virtual Glasto Concert playlist – best track

Cake by the Ocean by DNCE, as who wouldn’t like cake by the ocean?




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