Week 17 Run 1 – Hare of the Dog

brown rabbit on green grass field
No this wasn’t him, he was bigger and moving


Now this post is a little late, and I’m a little embarrassed. This was supposed to be the final hill run week, to see if spending three runs up and down The Hill That Kills, would help increase my stamina and/or on the level pace. Being buoyed up on the unexpected success of four runs up the hill (albeit my Map My Run doesn’t say that and you’ll just have to believe me 😉 ) – I really thought that I’d be able to do five.

The day didn’t exactly start as planned as Mr JCR was out on his bike doing another umpteen hundred kilometre training run for the Giro di Muscoli and I was supposed to get up early, because this week was forecast to be scorchio.

I slept through my alarm – actually I woke up , switched it off and promptly fell back asleep. I was out and about nearer to 8 o’clock and not prior to 7, as had been planned.

I’d decided to do Mill Lane  and Lovers’ lane as my warm up run, to make sure my legs were ready for the challenge ahead, and just exiting Mill Lane, a rather leggy hare bounded across the road and out of sight. He was huge and in a hurry, I am not so huge but the Covid kilos are persisting, and even though I’m in a hurry to get rid of them, they’re a little more relaxed about enjoying the sunshine. I took the running hare  to be a good omen and continued towards Lovers’ Lane, there for the first time in a while I saw Lord Kitchener   now it has to be said he is not carrying Covid kilos, but his moustache and haircut were not quite as dapper as usual. But his reduced sartorial elegance was not matched by his courtesy – he tilted his head, smiled and said Salve.  So far so good, lots of stuff happening on my run. I realise that so far lots of stuff counts as seeing an animal and a human, mmm JCR don’t over-egg the pudding.

Making my way back to Mill Lane in readiness for my hill killing session ahead, I met Argo with P, our friend who was walking him. We stopped and had a chat – I told her my plan for the run, and she gave me a friendly but definitely ‘are you mad?’ look and said ‘it’s very hot, you should have got up earlier’. I agreed with her – to be fair it was hard to disagree, with the sun beating down mercilessly on my head and the sweat dripping lazily down my cheeks. At that point I think the seeds of doubt had been sown. We said our goodbyes, after having given Argo a thorough stroke and I got ready for The Hill That Kills. Or rather, mentally my readiness changed from ‘let’s do this’ to ‘are you really sure?’. Where the head leads the legs follow, evidently my mind had been made up whilst talking to P.

Blimey, oh Riley, hills and heat don’t mix, it was about twenty five degrees – just touching eighty in old money, and to be frank I couldn’t do it. First time up, I stopped three times, second time up I stopped four times, and third time up, well there wasn’t a third time. There was a two and a half times up, as the combination of over-heating, shin splints and sheer weariness got to me. I couldn’t even muster the energy to shout at myself.

So that was a complete and utter shit show of a run. On the positive side, I did go out, I did run overall just over 4kms, including two hill climbs, but I failed against my other target.

Now what to do? The plan was to have three good hill running sessions, see if that helps with stamina and then try out one of my usual runs to Laundry Lane and see if I can do it faster and/or ascend the final sharp incline. My amble home, (because by now my legs were thumping the tarmac like an elephant’s) was slow and ponderous. But I came to the conclusion, one shit show doesn’t make a summer and so I’d give the five hill attempts another outing later in the week.

In summary, I was running like I had a hangover, yet I hadn’t drunk the night before, I was hydrated and I had a plan, just no mental conviction. Ho hum.


Distance 4.06km

The Hill That Kills  – two and a bit attempts

Grit and Determination – AWOL

Temperature 23 degrees at the start and 26 degrees at the finish.


Nope – couldn’t be bothered

Jump Rope

Similarly crap – 23, 13, 6, 10, 14, 22 skips in succession…

49 skips seems an awful long time ago and I’ve set a target of 100 in succession… this could be another Hill That Kills disappointment


Reggae and Ska Playlist

Favourite track – One Step Beyond by Prince Buster, it seemed to fit the mood




5 thoughts on “Week 17 Run 1 – Hare of the Dog

  • Honestly Jan… Have you learned nothing 🤔 about not being so hard on yourself (& your body!) 🤪 you have not only come back from the IC, but you are constantly challenging yourself… I am a fair bit older than you I know, but sometimes you need to listen to what your body is saying or you’ll end up back on the IC… Having said that, you are, as always, a total inspiration to me… just go a little easy on yourself with the heat, & hills… (btw raining here… so prob just totally envious of your being in Italy & sun 😂🤣😅) ~ enjoy xxx


  • Oops – telling off received and understood!! 😉
    I think it was getting up later that was the problem… My mum told me years ago that after 40 you don’t need so much sleep, so I thought at this age I’d be up at it at the crack of dawn. But I am still a teenager when it comes to getting my sleep!

    But actually today (please don’t be angry), I did do 5 ascents of the Hill That Kills. If it makes you feel happier it was at a glacial pace! But I did do it and was chuffed to bits. Then I did 53 consecutive skips on the jump rope.

    Today a better day, but joking apart, I do take your point, my fitness and injury issues are still evident. I really can’t see me ever running a sub 6 minute km again, my lungs just won’t do it. But the good news is that the hips are staying suspiciously quiet on the groans front, so that looks a little better.

    Thank you for your support and spurring me on, and you’re. abetter role model than me – sensible and you’ve kept at it, I had a year long running sulk!! Take care and enjoy the cool, the heat brings nasty bits creatures out and my legs resemble a dot to dot book!


    • Ummm it was during your “running sulk” that I actually injured myself too, trying to ‘run like a gazelle’ instead of plod like the snail, that I am… hence the having to redo C25K, & hence my realisation that actually, it’s ok to not always totally achieve things (at first) as long as I actually try (& keep trying), ie yes, set that marker high, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t achieve it as fast as you wanted… a great quote from Michelangelo “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low, and achieving our mark.” … just remember it is HOT & the IC sadly always beckons… (ok – I’ll stop here – no more 😉 )


      • Loving that quote and yes you’re right of course, at least I’m running again. And I do think that I’ve lost something due to the lung issue last year, and I guess that feeds the frustration, knowing I used to be able to run sub 6 minutes occasionally – but now sub 7 looks a big ask for me.

        But onwards and upwards – just not as fast…!

        JCR XX


      • … & I used to do back flips, weigh 100lbs, & actually did 5K in week 9 of C25K first time round… all very frustrating 😂 just saying…
        (really not having a go at you, never sure how things come across in texts 🤔 just listen to your body… )


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