Week 21 – Run 3 – mmmm bit of a delay

Well what do you say, it’s been a long time and this year is a shambles for so many reasons. Anyway to pick up where I left off, I managed a run late September to the village for a ‘let’s have a coffee’ run.

I ran, it was rubbish, I hated it and I walked back the same way I’d come

It was just under 4km of a run and the return 4km by walking. The only good thing about it was that I actually went out.

My running mojo has gone awol, in part because I haven’t had much of a routine, in part because coming back to Italy and bloody horrible hills is off-putting when you’re trying to improve distance and speed once more. Also carrying Covid kilos isn’t helpful to motoring along either.

So, whilst writing this more or less a month later, I can confirm I’ve ran again and it’s been better. The upside is with the Covid restrictions and no restaurants/bars being allowed open in the evening, I’ve no excuse not to go out again and I won’t be nursing late night eating hangovers either.

And I did run twice more since I should have written this post. In fact DOMS has just left the building, so I may be going out later, for a gentle jogette. But I will write up my other two runs, because it keeps me at it.

So Suzy K, I’m back on it and apologies for being a rubbish runner and diarist. Let’s look forward to 2021 and hope it’s better for everyone in everyday. I’ve just invested some serious dosh in Lululemon running gear for Winter, as all my winter stuff is in London and we are not going back there any time soon….

My Winter ‘treat’ if this doesn’t get me going, then nothing will…


I did run 3.9km

I had a bad run

I’ve got over it 😉