Week 15 Run 1 – Surreality Bites

It’s Tuesday and I am up before 8am, mainly because Mr JCR nagged me a lot (on my behest I must add), I am also out of the door just after 8am and it’s 27 degrees. In 2018 we had Lucifer’s summer and I think he’s coming back. I add a dash of ‘pootler’s pink’ lipstick to get me on my way and I’m ready for whatever Lucifer decides to throw at me.

First off, Mill Lane, it’s now one way and so pitted and potholey that most locals don’t use it, so I usually have the lane to myself. But not today – two cars passed me, that almost constitutes a traffic jam in these parts. On my way to Lovers’ Lane and all is empty – no Anouska, no Albino save for one car on its way to Villa Bali. I even manage to get past the barking beagle house twice without so much as a murmur. It feels surreally quiet as though Le Marche has been emptied.

I return down Mill Lane and spot a dog walker I recognise from a couple of years back, a middle aged man, with a Collie. Bald and with a white moustache – the man, not the dog, I notice he has thin wiry legs but calves like flat irons. Iron Man I think is his new name, he smiles and says buongiorno. It is nice being in Italy when people acknowledge you rather than London, where it’s a little more distant/aggressive.

Making my way down the Slope of Hope, I get goosed by the barking balcony house, ah things are getting more normal and I make my way towards the village and Laundry Lane. And there to my surprise I see Dame Duvet, rather surreally dressed for what is now 28/82 degrees. She is wearing a baseball cap, a cotton neckerchief, a tee shirt under a sweatshirt and long black tracksuit bottoms. She looks as cool as a cucumber, I on the other hand am wearing the minimum I can get away with, without offending common decency standards and am bright eyeball-scorching red. You wouldn’t actually believe we were in the same climate. The other thing is that she’s miles away from where I normally see her, so now I wonder if she’s real or a walking spectre. Because from knowing her usual roads, I think she’s walking at least 15 -20 kms in the morning. Wow.

We exchange ciaos – and I bite my tongue wanting to ask for more information… and continue onto Laundry Lane, there’s a little more shade than usual and I continue my run until I hit the unshaded incline where I decide to finish.

Walking back up Argo’s Loop, I pass my ultimate barking nemesis. There are two horrid little dogs really  quite aggressive and they live outdoors. As you can see from my first picture there is a mini enclosure. This is where they run and scramble up the fence to bark at me. Over the years, their technique has been fine-tuned and they were getting perilously close to scaling their enclosure; I see the owner has added yet more height to their scrambling wall, I fear it’s just given them more incentive to frighten me even more.

I make my way to the final ascent on Argo’s Loop and there I pass Iron Man once more, he pulls his dog to heel, smiles and we re-buongiorno. Turning the corner I see a sun hazed vision all in black. I squint thinking I recognise our friend Claudia, but she never, ever walks up our hill as it’s brutal. She crosses to the other side of the road, I say ciao and she recognises me at last. We elbow bump which is the new greeting standard and she tells me she is going for a walk. Now I am in utter shock, I’ve only ever seen her in her car this far up and her route means she has more inclines to do. Serious respect to her as I am two minutes from home and at her pace I reckon she has another hour to get home, including some horrid hilly bits.

I walk into the house, and see myself in the mirror – no wonder Claudia didn’t recognise me, the pootler’s pink has slid away from my mouth and I look a little like Robert Smith from The Cure, or one of Dali’s Melting Clocks. A surreal morning’s run, and a very surreal face…


4.4 km – slowly doing a bit more distance

Time – yup it took me time

Physio – some of it

Jump Rope – maximum 23 skips and at least 10 whipped arse moments


90’s Mix

Best Track – Dizzy by Vic Reeves and The Wonder Stuff, as that was the final track on Argo’s loop and I was definitely feeling dizzy with heat at that time






C25K – Week 14 Run 3 & The A to Z of Running in the Heat


As regular suffering readers know, I am starting again and trying to increase my running distance and pace back to the dizzy heights of my 2018 running year.

However, restarting C25K in the UK in a cool Spring doesn’t give you the best foundation for running in the eighties and nineties temperature wise in Italy. So here is my definitive guide to running in the heat:-

Alarm – use it to get up early

Be Prepared – get your kit out the night before

Cold Water – an absolute must – put it in the fridge the night before, see ‘B’

Don’t Stay in Bed – see also ‘A’

Early Departure – see also ‘A’, and ‘D’

FFS – shouting at yourself may help get your sorry arse out of bed

Get a Grip – find your inner grit and use it to go out

Hunt for shade, before you run – do a recce of your route to find the shady areas

Ice cubes in your water bottle help

Jacuzzi – is a great incentive, for post run recovery

Kit yourself correctly – lighter weight clothing, dampen your headband and running vest if you can

Let the heat determine your speed, you can easily increase pace when it’s cooler

Midday/Much higher than 30 degrees and it can be dangerous to run if you’re not acclimatised to it – avoid if at all possible

Note your breathing and drinking habits – if you’re too laboured and really in need of much more water, – it’s simple you’re doing way too much

Opt for shorter distances and slower times – re-set your expectations

Plod if you need to – sometimes a walking break helps

Quitting the race – if it’s not working and you feel uncomfortable, call it quits. There’s no courage or honour in running to dehydration and exhaustion

Rinse your hair in water before you go out – it really helps keep you cool

Sunhat/screen/glasses – wear and use as appropriate

Take your time – the sun has endless patience to burn and overheat you

Under no circumstances run whilst hungover (previous history!)

Vanquish running gremlins by not setting too high a target

Water – take a bottle, take a spare bottle,  or carry cash to buy some more water

Xtra brownie points if you follow all the advice

Yes running in heat is possible, just take it slow, in shade and stay hydrated

Zzzz – a post run snooze is just the ticket

Today’s run – I followed my own advice except for  J and Q… J because it needs cleaning and filling with new water and Q – I didn’t need to quit, because for once I followed my own advice.

In truth it was mega scorchio again, it was just about 8am when I set out on Sunday to run, and the thermometer was already showing 27 degrees – 80 degrees in old money of course. On my warm up walk I passed Lord Kitchener, he was on his way to the cemetery and he barely gave me a glance, I did smile at him, but maybe he didn’t recognise me – it’s been over a year since he last saw  me after all. I had hoped to see Anouska and Albino, as I know they often get up early to walk if it’s very hot, but I didn’t see them either. No people, no dogs, no shade, no mercy.

The sun was beating down and I admit I took shelter in the one shady spot of Laundry Lane and did a few mini circuits between the trees, because it would have been awful otherwise.

At 4.3km I gave up the ghost, because the non-shaded incline was looming and in this heat you just have to be kind to yourself. But I did decide to continue for a walk to see an ‘ex- house’ of friends of ours, just to see what it was looking like now that it has new owners. It was sad really to see it, empty of people and shutters closed, whereas usually at this time of year it would be open and I could perhaps sneak in for a cheeky cup of coffee! It added a couple of 2kms to my efforts, and in truth it was too warm to do much more.

As Mr JCR pointed out I’m going to have to get up earlier and as I’m a born again teenager, lunchtime is a bit early for me to rise. It’s either that or run much later in the day and I just know I won’t do that, I’ll prevaricate, faff and generally find reasons not to.

Okay JCR for Week 15, you’re just going to have to do those big girl pants and get up earlier. We’ve got at least another 8 weeks of scorchio weather until September brings some welcome relief, so I have to woman up…


Distance – 4.3km

Time – Too embarrassing to record


Yes – crabby things, flexor things, squats, clams

No – bridge and pelvic thrusting – need a yoga mat

Jump Rope or Skipping Rope as we oldies call it – 23 skips in succession, with about 10 attempts during the day varying from 4 skips to the 23.

Whacked Arse – at least 7 times, when you stop the Jump Rope whips you, and it’s always on your bum.


My goddaughter Molly’s Glastonbury Mix

Favourite track – Is this the way to Amarillo by Tony Christie – because I’m a recent convert to Peter Kay’s Car Share and I love his humour, and I loved his silly video for this, which we recreated on a virtual Glasto Pyramid Stage on Saturday night. Thanks Molly and Gabi and Carl for organising it.







Couch to 5K, Week 14 Run 2 – Too early for dogs…

Come on red men…

After Mr JCR promised to get me out of bed early enough to avoid the sun, we had both forgotten one major factor. My team were playing last night, and so we had to watch the match to see four superb goals and then at least an hour’s worth of punditry telling me how brilliant my team were.

Jamie Redknapp using tech to show just how superb TAA’s strike was, Graeme Souness sitting on his smugness cushion of five League Championships, three European Cups and four League Cups. John Barnes, not quite the svelte figure he once was, but with a lovely twinkle in his eye describing Liverpool’s dominance. After match interviews with TAA, Salah and my middle aged crush Jurgen Klopp – see he is almost named after the Kop, his parents just got their surname wrong.

It was another hour of bliss as far as I was concerned, but all of this orgy of self congratulation meant we weren’t exactly in bed at the appointed hour, late to bed doesn’t mean an early start. Nonetheless I was out earlier today, it was a nine number not a ten or eleven, but even so still scorchio.

When it’s 27 degrees at 9am you know you’re in trouble. And so I started my warm up walk outside the house and did a mini loop before starting up Mill Lane, all to get the warm up walking done in sun and be able to start my run in some shade. It was going brilliantly and I was pootling up Lovers’ Lane and who did I see ahead of me but my running inspirational couple – Anouska and Albino. It’s been over a year since I’ve seen them and there they were strolling along enjoying the views. We exchanged ciaos and salves (Roman Italian for good health) – it gave me a real boost. However not enough of a boost to be able to overcome the scorching heat and I think I may have overcooked my start.

On the Slope of Hope, I was early enough to avoid the barking dog balcony and made my way towards Laundry Lane. There I spied my red poppies, here again it’s boiling hot and even an hour or so earlier, it’s in full sun. I traipsed my way to the small shaded area and ran backwards and forwards. Out of the shade, I ran towards the local winery on Laundry Lane, passing another barking dog house, but although they were out I spotted them and didn’t leap when they started barking. But the sight of the unshaded incline really got the better of me, and I stopped running. 5km seems too much of a reach at the moment in 80 degree plus heat.

I managed 4.2km in all, a little better than last time out. The timing is still abysmal, but I think I will ignore that for now and just focus on getting the distance up, oh and getting up earlier. Sunday is my next scheduled run, so if I aim for an eightish departure then hopefully the temperature will be a little lower.

Suzy K – you are consolidating – how is it going? And do you have a classic album track for my latest playlist?

Today was too early for dogs, but not early enough for me. Change is going to have to be made, but if the red men win the Premiership tonight, then I promise to be up and out by 8am on Sunday.


  • Distance 4.2km
  • Time – Abysmally worrying
  • Leaping in the Air – not once


Yup and I was reading in the PHD Runner’s blog about her getting a gait analysis as she’s had a chronic injury problem, and one of the recommended exercises was the crab walking squats, and I’ve remembered I’d totally forgotten about doing those, so yes they are on my list too, along with bridges, hip flexors, pelvic thrusts, squatting, touching my toes.

And the skipping rope – now they’re called jump ropes, and they’re not rope, they are wires and they don’t half hurt when you swipe your bum with them. Well my best effort so far is 12 jumps in succession – that tells you how rubbish my coordination is… Still I’m going to have another go and see if I can manage 15 consecutive jumps.


Birthday Number Ones

Best Song Metal Guru – By T Rex – just loved Marc Bolan








Week 14 Run 1 – There’s A Hole In My Bucket

Adriatic View From The Top of The Bitch of a Pitch

So goes the nursery rhyme, and actually our buckets were fine, it’s just that the Italian winter blew off our shed roof, our wood store roof and filled our jacuzzi full of rain water, having torn the covering tarpaulin to shreds.

Monday’s job was to try and bring some sense of order to the outdoors, which is looking a little sorry for itself after seven months of neglect, which come to think of it is like my bod after three months of lockdown.

My no-running exercise routine, included going grocery shopping (ugh), emptying said jacuzzi of about 700 litres of water and doing it by bucket to water our very sorry and sad looking oleanders.  Killing a vast number of wasps that had made nice nests under the leaky tarp – my method is to spray, pray and run. I should have been watering the newly planted hydrangeas too, but we lost all of them, due to no watering in Spring and all we have are seven sad straw stumps.

Then I helped Mr JCR recover the shed roof, with the rescued tarpaulin remnants, and now we look like long-term Italian residents. No Italian country garden is complete without a Heath Robinson type covering involving a tarp, dodgy rope and any convenient weights you can find.  We now have a fetching bright green shed roof, with an elastic garter, and three different types of wooden poles weighting the roof down. All we need is rope to hold up our gardening trousers and we’ll become a pair of Compoes from Last of The Summer Wine.

Today’s job is to empty all the previously empty buckets and containers in the shed, which are now chock full of stagnant water. Livin’ the dream! Oh and go for a run, preferably one that lasts longer than Sunday’s and is marginally quicker. That means getting up early, which means going to bed early – neither of which are in my usual routine.

And yes, epic fail, the alarm  was set, JCR not. Three hours later I set off on the same route as last time, only today it’s hotter and there’s less shade available. Stupid tart syndrome entirely of my own making and 29 degrees is about 84 F, so really scorchio.

Needless to say not a soul about, the dog walkers got out earlier on, I wonder if I can get them to bed shame me for a run? Lovers’ Lane was predictably hot and dusty and Villa Bali didn’t give me any shade whatsoever and so I made my weary back to Mill Lane, where even the water pumping station was quiet. All I could hear was the chirruping of cicadas. Now when they get going I find it makes me feel hotter, there must be something auto-suggestive about that particular noise. I could feel my face getting redder and redder and the panting was increasing too. In truth this bit of the run is always hard as it’s the first ten minutes and it takes a while to get in my stroll. I pootled down the Slope of Hope, got ‘goosed’ by the barking balcony house. They seem to have obtained another deeper voiced dog, and both of them conspired to make me jump. Both dogs have the knack of staying quiet until I’m just about past them and then they bark into action.

Having recovered some kind of composure I made my way towards Laundry Lane and it was fairly brutal, I did find a small 50 yard section under mottled shade and ran that backwards and forwards a few times, to get my run to the 4km distance marker. At that point there was no shade to be had at all and Laundry Lane starts rising quite considerably, my bucket of grit and determination was most definitely full of holes. My C25K  is now officially going backwards, I’ve done 1 km in a run less than about a month ago, but a temperature difference of running in the sixties to running in the eighties does cut me a bit of slack.

Upside I ran 4km today

Downside – not getting up and the temperature

Overall Rating – Could do better JCR


Distance 4km – so it was longer

Time – Awful – no improvement on pace, but see above

Temperature – Brutal

People – None

Leaps in the Air – Two


Just going to do it…

Oh and btw on Sunday’s run I actually tried my skipping rope afterwards. OMG it’s too embarrassing to contemplate just how little coordination I possess.


Mens’s Names

Best track – Telegram Sam – I loved Marc Bolan, I think he was my first grown up crush, although my first child crush was on Troy Tempest. I actually wanted to be his mute girlfriend Marina, which considering I loathe swimming and the sea, is utterly bizarre  🙂


Week 13 Run 3 – All Washed Up On Laundry Lane

Laundry Lane, before I fell victim to scorchio sun

Well it’s been quite a week, Mr Macron kindly opened the French borders on Sunday, which meant on Monday we were frantically clearing out the apartment and packing up the car to drive to Italy on Tuesday. A late night Chunnel got us to France in the very early hours of Wednesday morning. Cue a 22 hour drive marathon, with me , Mr JCR and Paula making a very untimely reappearance for the journey.

Thursday passed in a blur of sleeping and unloading. Friday similar, but add in doing some food shopping. Saturday, getting the house in order and an absolute mountain of ironing done, plus dealing with the recalcitrant Paula. All of which led me to today’s inaugural run back in Italy. It didn’t get off to a promising start, when I had the most horrendous stomach cramps, but a mug of tea and putting on my big girl pants meant I’d decided to go out.

Aha, JCR you’d forgotten about the summer in Italy, and yes it’s scorchio and leaving at 10am for a run, was perhaps a couple of hours too late as the temperature was showing at 27 degrees. My warm-up walk took me to Mill Lane and I was running in earnest down Lovers’ Lane passing two such lovers walking hand in hand, passed by a very red and panting JCR. A quick lope around Villa Bali grounds and back to Mill Lane. There I had a dilemma take the downward track of the Hill that Kills, or the Slope of Hope.

The Slope of Hope won out, and it’s nice to know that some things never change, the accursed barking dog surprised me and then I met our neighbour’s dog Argo out on a walk with Patrizia. She welcomed me back and expressed surprise at me running in make-up – actually just lipstick – pootler’s pink, one of the encouraging tricks to get me out of the door.

Taking a right turn towards our village and Laundry Lane, I’d forgotten exactly how exposed that road is, with very little shade to be had. I was running from tree to tree in an attempt to keep cool, but this was a very hard effort. And after a while, I could go no further, the heat is really sapping, and I have to acclimatise to it once more. I’d run out of water and with Paula dogging my every step, it would not have been sensible to continue running (even if I could) so at 3.5kms in I stopped running and ambled back home. Just over 5kms done, 2/3 in a run and 1/3 a very slow walk. When I did C25K the first time around I started my running in these temperatures and so acclimatised from day one to running in heat. This time it’s different I’ve done all my running in the much cooler UK and nothing has prepared me for scorchio weather without shade. Clearly more running lessons to be learned. Maybe I will alternate shorter intervals of running with a restful walk until I get used to the temperatures again…

So unfortunately, I did end up all washed out in Laundry Lane. But to continue the analogy, my dirty washing has been aired – I’m a cool weather runner apparently. I just need to get out earlier and take it slower, but sometimes it’s worth taking a step back to move forward (Mr JCR will hate that phrase – especially if I say it’s a journey!!)

No worries, I now know where I had to stop, so I will try and do just that little bit better next time out.


  • 3.6km run
  • Timing – a shocker
  • 3 leaps in the air due to dogs barking, the Slope of Hope, Laundry Lane and Argo’s loop.


Sweetie Mix 

Best Song Deacon Blue and Chocolate Girl, because the lyrics say:

He calls her the chocolate girl
Cause he thinks she melts when he touches her

No-one around to melt me, just the scorchio sun and I was melting


Yes and I hated it…






Week 13 Run 2 – Hitting a Six

Okay,  Paula is still a problem, but slowly improving, so today I thought I’d try the run/walk method to see if I could run six kilometres. No need to rush it, just take a walking break and re-start running, the distance run is more important than time.

It’s a glorious day for it, a bit of shade and not too hot, although heaven alone knows how I will acclimatise back in Italy with 30 degrees+ and mosquitoes…

I hope to do one final run before we leave London, but with a car to pack, house to clear and some re-decorating to finish – yes F..ing and Bo..ks I mean you again, it seems a bit of wishful thinking, Therefore this is a brief post, so I don’t prevaricate before getting down to the clear down out of lockdown.

I ran, I rested, I ran again

I managed 6.09km, my first time since re-start.

It was hard, I’m hot and sweaty and my face is a rather unappealing shade of puce. In fact I’ve just checked it against the latest Dulux colour chart, I’m calling it in as Volcanic Red.

Which reminds me I need to update the runners’ colours page. And the beautiful flowers c/o Salters Hall gardens – my favourite mini oasis in the City. Soon I get to see my own lavender in Italy – yay

Screenshot 2020-06-14 at 11.28.33


6.09km run

Average Pace 6:37/km – not exactly Speedy Gonzales…


Sweetie Playlist

Best track was  Cake By The Ocean – DNCE, it got me through the terrible tens…



  • Clams
  • Hip Flexor Things
  • Bridges
  • Squats
  • Touching Toes
  • Constipated Crabs
  • Pelvic Thrusts



Week 13 Run 1 – Taking Paula To Task


A rather large tower being built, and no-one to work in it…

A few days of rest and Paula still is lingering. I’m not permitted antibiotics because of the risk of antibiotic resistance, and I have to have four clear weeks, before getting any more. It’s only been three weeks, so I have to cross my legs and fingers and wait.

Matters are slightly complicated by the fact that we are on our way to Italy next week (France quarantine permitting) and I don’t want to arrive in Italy and add to their workload given COVID 19. Nor do I want to be doing a Radcliffe by the side of the autoroutes/autostradas.

Paula’s sense of urgency means that I can’t actually run too far away from home as there are no public conveniences open, and I am certainly not doing a Radcliffe in the City either.

I decided therefore that a short run was better than no run and that I’d combine it to a trip to a pharmacy and see what, if any, alternatives I have to antibiotics. I popped out and it’s a lovely day for running, coolish and no wind. Just a pity Paula’s tagging along.

And what do you know for the very first time in at least a year I did a sub 6 minute kilometre. Only the one mind you, but it’s difficult to focus on speed whilst wondering if Paula is going to make her presence felt. And I realise for the purists amongst you that just under 6 minutes a kilometre is hardly scalding pace, but I’m no longer a spring chicken, so I was quite chuffed. I spent most of my time in the City and spotted that a lot of cleaners were busy cleaning and tidying the shops, all ready for Monday’s grand opening I presume. Gardeners were out in force clearing up borders and replanting, all in all a sense of busyness in the air, and it was lovely to feel that once more.

I aimed towards St Paul’s and Paternoster Square, where I found quite a few folks around, heading out for lunch. It has to be said most are still wearing high viz, so mainly maintenance men rather than the usual City crowd, but it was a little frisson of activity. And seeing quite a few sandwich bars open was encouraging.

Paula started grumbling and so at just over three kilometres I stopped my run. A bit peed off, pardon the pun, and hot-footed my way to the pharmacy. Having dropped a ton, I am now the proud possessor of a Paula infection testing kit, complete with complementary phone app, four months’ supply of proactive medicine which supposedly stops the infections taking hold and two packets of treatment sachets, which should help. As the very nice pharmacist said, none of them are as good as antibiotics but over time they may be just enough to stop Paula taking a grip of my life so regularly. More to the point, I hope it means I don’t have to trouble the Italian medical system on arrival.

Yesterday I did painting again, this time the non F..ing and B…cks coloured wall, but the Squid Ink colour. Well it’s better, but the paint although unopened was a little old, and it had lumps in it, which despite my stirry stick didn’t appear until I’d started painting. So I’m not that happy with that wall either. But it’s ten times better than F&B. 

Mr JCR has suggested that we just leave the walls until we return in the Winter. I’m beginning to agree with him… And so now to the big packing up and essential shopping session. 

Mr JCR’s essentials include Branston Pickle and Marmite – I think the latter is disgusting and for me it’s the only bright spot in lockdown that there’s a Marmite shortage due to insufficient brewing. Mine are Marks and Sparks gluten free cashew and cranberry  and date and walnut toasts.  I may however have used up all available ‘essentials’ space with my Paula related supplies.

I’ll miss my City running, but hope to get in two more runs before we leave, if Paula is persistent they’ll be short ones only. But hopefully with a car boot full of Paula related medicines, she will take the hint and have the rest of summer off.


3 km run

One under the magic six minutes – yay


Nope… but I promise to do them next time


Razouski 80’s Mix 

Best track – Get Dancin’ – Disco Tex and His Sex-O-Lettes




Week 12 Run 3 – Hitting That Effing Wall


As regular readers will know (SuzyKK I’m talking to you, in your C25K graduation week) I am developing a hate/hate affair with Farrow and Ball paint. Setting Plaster Estate Emulsion to be precise. My PE routine not Physical Exercise but Painting Exercise is paint one day whilst swearing loudly, followed by running on the following day, swearing loudly as I pass the effing offending wall.

Now I have executed my plan, I’ve painted a piece of paper in said colour and am going to the paint shop to get a copy done in a paint that doesn’t cause me to swear. I’d also observe that our hallway has got thinner as a result of four coats of paint over the four that were already on the walls. I wish I could say I was matching the hall, by getting thinner as a result of running, but I know from experience that takes a lot longer than 12 weeks.

Whilst today is Run 3 of Week 12, in reality it’s my second proper attempt at interval running, and this time I am making a conscious effort to be slower in the first set of intervals and faster in the second. This is going to be City running once more, I’ll see if Peter Parka is in situ, because the last time I looked he’d morphed into Pauline Parka, different hair do, age and uniform. Pauline wasn’t quite as diligent as Peter, she was standing by the side of the famous pick up point, whereas Peter guarded it with his life.

And so to run, except I can’t,  Paula has come visiting with a vengeance, which means I can’t run any further than our bathroom, going for a one hour running session is absolutely out of the question.  This of course leads me to restart the painting, with new non F…ng B…cks paint.  Well what do you know, the new paint is marginally better than the other stuff, now we have a wall with consistent patchiness, so maybe I’m a shit painter after all…

On further inspection it looks as though the initial roller because it had a lump in it has deposited lumps of paint in various places, and the new paint pads because they carry more paint have made those areas even more lumpy.

I think we’re going to have to sand the wall down, I can’t tell you how much that upsets me, because sanding it down means repainting….

So that’s my today run – no run, no rectification of the effing wall, just incredible frustration. Running tomorrow possibly if Paula takes her leave.



Week 12 Run 2 – Today I Was Supposed To Be


somewhere else. Not any old somewhere else you understand, but acting as a back up driver for Mr JCR doing a mammoth ride of over 2000km in 2 weeks to raise money for MND/ALS sufferers.

The plan was to depart on Saturday, via our good friend’s house in Arnhem, over the Alps with a few unforgettable ascents to be made and onto our home in Italy on World MND/ALS day, linking all three countries via one mad man, his bike, his forgetful spouse and loads of goodwill, all to raise lots of cash for MND and ALS support and research in UK, Holland and Italy

The ride is called the Giro Di Muscoli and is based on the principle of  a grand cycling tour, similar to Tour De France, The Italian Giro or La Vuelta. And it was supposed to start yesterday from London, with a celebrity send off and many London cyclists accompanying my husband on his first leg to Harwich. Today was to have been the arrival in Arnhem to meet up with our dear friends Gerben and Jeanne. Gerben was diagnosed with ALS five years ago now, and his tenacity and never ending support from Jeanne and family, led him to secure significant sponsorship, to enable us to put on the Giro di Muscoli to raise funds for MND/ALS. Cyclists  are paying to complete various stages and getting sponsorship for their rides.

The plan was that the tour would take two very hard weeks, finishing in Italy, our home, on World ALS/MND Day 21st June. Now things are on hold, and Mr JCR cycled the first stage to Harwich on Saturday with three ICC buddies acting as outriders and moral support. He  also did the return leg from Harwich to London on Saturday too. This ride equates in distance  to the original  Saturday and Sunday plans to get to Arnhem – the famous location of A Bridge Too Far.

Mr JCR has done two incredibly hard legs in absolutely crappy weather and now it’s my turn to get off my arse and go for a run. For me two legs of about 20 minutes time each leg, with a five minute break. Clearly there’s a significant difference between Mr JCR’s fitness and mine!

My fitness and stretching routine for Saturday involved painting that bloody wall again. Coat number four, with new paint pads instead of the sexy but blighted roller, the cheaper roller and the mini roller. And guess what, yes it’s still bloody patchy. What’s really frustrating is I’ve patched up the other hall wall with much darker paint (not Farrow and Ball) and even though I did it really hastily, it matches better than the F&B wall – oh and it is an equally expensive brand, being patched after five years. Whilst I’m happy to admit I’m not a world class painter, I’m not entirely bereft of talent. At first I thought it was the tools, but with four different types of applicator, I’ve come to the conclusion that it’s the paint.

You need to do one coat all the way down from ceiling to floor, without gapping or stopping to reload paint, and the minute you try and feather out the joins between the first stroke and the second stroke, you end up with a visible join.

For me F&B has now got a new name F…king  and Boll…ks. And this is what one of the decorators said on one of the fora I checked out.

No no no and no! Too much hassle too many coats. Total nightmare! Unless it’s your place and you’ve got a million years to paint it! That’s my Farrow and Ball Emulsion review

This is a running blog, not a painting blog, but I seemed to have done more bloody painting than running lately. So to today’s run…

It’s cool and I’m sporting potentially corned beef colour legs again, on my way for two 20 minutes intervals. The warm up walk takes me towards the City, to do a loop up Old Street, Clerkenwell Road, Gray’s Inn Road, Holborn, St Pauls, Cheapside and back home, I reckon it’s just about long enough to get in forty minutes of running.

All fairly quiet today, the weather keeping most folk at home I guess, and I amble my way up to Old Street, crossing a road near a petrol station and a car almost runs me down, he shot into reverse without seeing me behind. Luckily he stopped, and a nice man asked if I was okay – I was fine, the car only touched me briefly. He then said ‘it was his fault’ and I nodded. By this time idiot driver man had driven away.

Somewhat shaken out of my stride I continued on my way, there’s some signs of things coming back to normal, with a few cafes opening for takeaway, and shop owners  clearing up stocks and generally tidying up.

Making my way towards Holborn, I came across a mobile road block, a family of five taking up the whole pavement, I was preparing to get grumpy/dart onto the main road and was totally surprised when the father looked behind him, then shepherded his family to one side of the pavement so I could undertake. Wow two nice people on one run – astonishing! I did say thank you.

Heading towards the City from St Pauls, I passed this chap and did a double take, as I was running I genuinely thought someone had fallen over in a shop window.  I turned back to see if they were alright. Okay JCR, stupid tart syndrome has hit you again:-

  1. We are in the midst of an epidemic, pretty much all the shops are closed
  2. It’s a Sunday in the City, pretty much all shops are closed as standard
  3. It’s a City boy shirt company, pretty much all City boy shirt shops are closed as standard on a Sunday, as the City boys have gone home, and they haven’t been in the City anyway because of point number one
  4. The body didn’t have a head

At this point I had about 3 minutes running left, so I just ran a mini route along Poultry and Gresham Street until my time was done, sporting an embarrassingly red face, not the same colour as F…ing and B..cks, but definitely on the warmer shade of the spectrum.

Job done, the first twenty minute interval not too bad the second a lot slower, but I expected that. Today I was supposed to be somewhere else, doing something far more worthy for MND and ALS sufferers, but Mr JCR and his outriders did a fab job yesterday, and a whole host of Dutch riders are actually riding the proper Hook of Holland to Arnhem leg today.

Congratulations and Best Wishes to them all, we will see you in September, for the revised Giro.


  • Just under 6km run
  • 2 nice chaps
  • 1 plonker
  • I ‘undead’ mannequin


Male Names Playlist

Best track – It’s Raining Men because it kept me going right at the death


Yes, done.





Week 12 Run 1 – Not On A Roll

I was reading a very useful link about increasing stamina and/or speed on your runs by the run/walk method. And it’s used by ultra runners – the guys and gals who run for 100 miles and more, and furthermore it’s not cheating.

That has given me a plan, as I’m trying to get my speed and distance up, I will now split my runs into smaller sections and alternate run/walking. Apparently it’s great for giving your body recovery time and then you have stamina to go again.

It’s Thursday and 13.30pm and my pre-run conditioning today is re-painting the damn hall wall. The promised ‘sexy’ roller arrived in the post this morning, it is wooden handled, which makes it heavier and you have to wash the roller itself before using it. So far, so posh.

Now onto the third paint coat on the wall, oh and joy this bloody roller has got a flaw in it too – despite me checking it all over and washing it with organic hand wash. Mr JCR is trying to be encouraging telling me the wall looks better than it did, which it does – it’s just a different type of flaw showing up. So I’m taking a ‘walk break’ in the run on painting, in the hope the roller recovers to flawless condition and the wall won’t need doing again.

The phrase a watched pot never boils, in my mind has become a watched wall never dries. Similarly, the bad news on the wall front, means I’m lacking the necessary oomph to go for a run, and as I know only too well a deferred run never gets done. I’m slurping my tea (not slurping actually, as my parents would have gone mental if I slurped anything). Faffing about, prevarication, hesitation, deviation all the tools are at hand telling me not to run. And so I don’t and the effing wall is still patchy, but as Mr JCR says it is drying out.

Now I’m reading a whole load of painter and decorator fora, they all say pretty much the same thing Farrow and Ball paint is a nightmare. We chose it because it is low VOC which means not so many nasty chemicals are chucked into the air, but it seems that normal ‘chemical’ paint doesn’t streak and patch. So far, one wall has taken up 3/4 of the can. It’s also taken up more than 75% of my goodwill to do it. My summary of this paint, great colour and a shit finish. Which I’m hoping won’t be the result of my run tomorrow – yes I’ve conceded I am not going to run today.

Friday – yes I’m going for my run, yes the wall is streaky and patchy – a good night’s sleep hasn’t affected it at all. The upside is as we have no sun you can’t see the patchiness, and it also means I won’t get quite so hot and bothered on my run.

Blimey, it’s chilly and somewhat optimistically I opted for shorts – my legs are a very fetching shade of corned beef mottled red and white. I turn towards the City and decide a run by the river might be quite nice, as ordinarily in June it’s full of tourists and running is more a case of dodgems.

I aim towards St Pauls and across the wobbly bridge – with barely a soul on it. Two cyclists and one more pedestrian, how I’d love to see more people around – and I don’t say that often being a grumpy old woman when London is full of people. But hey, you’re all welcome back and there’s only one pesky visitor and his family to evict. Mr Corona and your virus family, you’ve more than outstayed your welcome, not that anyone wanted you anywhere in the first place.

I’ve gone beyond the terrible tens now and am pootling along South Bank, making my way towards Borough Market, which is suspiciously quiet, but the weather is cold and maybe more people are now returning to work. My plan for today is two twenty minute runs punctuated by a five minute walking break. Listening to the ‘top three singles’ playlist, I’m happily mentally singing along to Vienna, after having already heard Purple Rain, both of which are in my top three singles. Vienna closes out and brings me close to London Bridge, where I discover a new place that’s popped up since I was last in this area ‘Vinegar Yard’ which is like a mini Borough, but with a flea market and other stalls too. This is part of a Bermondsey Urban Renewal project, but due to Covid it’s all shut down. But definitely worth a return visit one day, just to see how it measures up to all the other street markets in London.

I wasn’t sure about the red ants on the train coach top, it seemed a bit too apocalyptic especially in these Covid times, and married with Deep Purple’s Mandrake Root, it all felt a bit gloomy. Then my third favourite single came on ‘You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling’ which I adore, but it’s not exactly the happiest of songs either, but it did start me on my second 20 minute stint.

I haven’t quite got my pacing right yet, I spend too much time going too fast and then having to almost walk to catch my breath, so this obviously needs some work. Like the accursed wall, my method is patchy. I was doing nicely on the way towards home, when I got poleaxed by an advert on Spotify for Father’s Day. Cue an unexpected flood of tears and an inability to take another step.

So I’m a bit peed off now, I didn’t quite do the timing or the distance I wanted, but I think the premise of run/walk may work out quite well. Next time out I’ll give the method  another go. I ended up not being on a roll at all, but I did go out for the run, and now the sun is shining, which means I can see the damn streaks on that wall…. Ho hum.

My face is not a great colour and the run was a shit finish, so there are some similarities with Farrow and Ball…


5.93km registered, but that included the 5 minutes walk break and the early finish, so maybe 5km done.

Time 43 minutes


Mmmm, can’t be bothered


My Top 3 Singles

Best track – Purple Rain