Ingliano is the language we speak with our friends, sometimes English, sometimes Italian, sometimes a mix of the two.  When we are in the UK, naturally Ingliano becomes Britalian. This page has a mix of Italian and Ingliano terms which may come up in the site.

De-Sausaging – term devised by a C25Ker, to describe the awful process of removing a sweaty sports bra after your run.

Faff – (for my Italian friends) – per trascorrere il tuo tempo facendo molte cose che non sono importanti invece della cosa che dovresti fare. Vede  anche ‘faffolino’ –  il topolino chi fa tante cose non importanti.

Faffolino – this is the faff-mouse, a creature that strikes when you least expect it. This animal creates lots of mini problems, which impede your progress, before a run, during a run and after your run. The best procrastination animal ever – she makes you do things you didn’t realise needed doing, like cleaning the shower drain, just before you get changed for a run…..

Falsi Flatti – taken from the cycling world’s false flats. Roads which appear to be flat but aren’t. So sometimes you’re going up hill and don’t understand why you’re puffed. Other times you’re going downhill, thinking you are an absolute athlete and of course you’re not.

 Fook – an Italian friend’s pronunciation of the English word ‘though’.

Grembiule – an apron or pinafore, more usually identifiable as the Ena Sharples outfit. Worn by women of a certain age

Hook Swoosh – the process of putting your bra on by swooshing the hooks to the front. almost obligatory, with the new-fangled multi clasp efforts.

Meemum – the Derbyshire Ingliano for My mum, spoken by M&G’s children

Podista – Italian for runner; subordinate version =  molto chic podista – any female Italian runner, involves a tan, bracelets, swooshy hair and full make up

RICE – signifying, Rest, Ice, Compression and Elevation – the recognised 4 step treatment when a runner is injured, not to be confused with the JCR Version, which is not recognised in any form whatsoever.

RICE  (JCR version) – R for Ra Ra Rasputin, I for Ingliani and Italiani Insieme, C for Cool, Daddy Cool and finally E for Early

Scorchio – taken and used gratefully from the Fast Show. Scorchio is very hot weather, we are trying to get our friends M&G to introduce this into Italian.

Stroppo – what happens to a runner when they can’t run, they have a stroppo – a combination of the Italian for a strain (strappo) and English for a temper tantrum (strop)

Stupid Tart Syndrome – my innate ability to do something stupid, like trip over a pebble, at precisely the wrong time

Supa Inglese – Acronym for ‘slightly, undulating, podgy area’ -also known as my stomach.

The 3 Esses – the Italian Driving School version of the English ‘Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre’. Standing for Swerve, Shake Fist and Swear. All or any of the Esses may be deployed when overtaking.

WMAS – standing for Weird Middle-aged Shit – peculiar health issues that you never used to get, they appear for a period of time, piss you off right royally and then disappear. Such as hurting thumb, preventing any grip in my right hand. This happened for just one day.

Wun – the combination of running and walking in intervals.

Zuppa Inglese – – a rich creamy dessert, mad with sponge, liqueur and eggy custard/cream. Typically we eat it as a gelato flavour. Not to be confused with Supa Inglese, which comes asa result of eating way too much Zuppa Inglese, see above.