15 June – Stereotype Snap



For a change, I decided to play a card game when I ran this morning. And I chose stereotype snap. The map shows you exactly where I picked up each stereotype or not. The whole idea is to pick up stereotypes and get points for each one I saw on my run through their respective zones. Now Friday is not a typical day in London, the commuters are noticeably fewer than usual, meaning stereotype snap is not such a point scorer as you may imagine.

I started off at Old Street, looking for Tech Start Up Stereotypes – identified by Apple branded everything and usually a pair of Dr Dre Beats. My score = Nil

Aiming towards Farringdon, I wasn’t aware of seeing any Start Up Stereotypes, but I did see at least two ‘More Media’ stereotypes. Their artwork type briefcases and tight trousers gave them away. My score = 2

On towards Lawyer Wanker territory, – typified by all black clothing and sharp, bright white shirt shirting, regardless of gender. The most monochrome experience you can get in one area – any hint of colour frowned upon. My score = 30+ (I lost count)

Soho,  rather surprisingly isn’t given any stereotypes on the map. But I did pass 20th Century Fox and an interestingly named restaurant…, but Covent Garden wasn’t far away, so onwards to find the Living Statue Wankers.  I’m thinking 8.30 am is too early for them to get up – even Yoda, who thinks we are fooled by his capacious gown, which clearly doesn’t have enough room for an alarm clock. My score = Nil

Then back towards Fleet Street in search of ‘Journalists Used To Be Here’. As the pubs were not yet open, there was no sign of any old soaks reminiscing about the good old days when you smoked 40 John Player Specials for Breakfast with a Johnnie Walker chaser or five. My score = Nil

My final stereotype search was for ‘Nervous Men Buying Rings’ in Hatton Garden, or at a push I’d have settled for ‘Old Men Plotting a Bank Vault Raid’. With me running before 9am,  this clearly meant all the plotters (whether for burglary or marriage) weren’t yet out. My score =Nil

Total Stereotype Score = 32 points.

Running score however was 9kms.


Alison – Elvis Costello

Eloise – The Damned

Francine – ZZ Top

Gloria – Laura Branigan

Helena – My Chemical Romance

Poison Ivy – The Lambrettas

Jean Genie – David Bowie

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Kayleigh – Marillion

Layla – Derek and the Dominoes

Maggie May – Rod Stewart

Darling Nikki – His Purple Highness

Ophelia – The Band

Queen of Clubs – KC and The Sunshine Band

Roxanne – The Police

Sherry – Frankie Valli and The Four Seasons

Teresa – Eddie Cochran

Single Ladies – Beyoncé

Valerie – Ronson and Winehouse

St Xenia – Katina

Zoe Jane – Staind


Distance 9.06km

Time 57:35

Average Pace 6:21

Elevation Gain 40 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 1034.76

To Run 983.24






17 May – Bitch Perfect


After the other day’s epic climb, I had an unscheduled day of rest yesterday. Girding my loins, I decided to see if I could do a longer run again. Taking inspiration from The Rubettes’ ‘girded loin pose’ , I set out.

The bitch beckoned, only this time I thought it would be easier if I ran downhill instead. Well what a difference that makes, she’s about 3.5km long, after my warm up walk distance. It took me about 22 minutes to do the downhill, allowing for traffic stops around the blind bends. That’s about half the time taken to run up it. I then took Laundry Lane which has a long winding section with hairpins uphill. In effect I cover more or less the same elevation, only over a 5/6km route.

In theory this is an easier option, same elevation with a longer run-up. Unfortunately today the sun decided to shine on Laundry lane, and nope not much shade to be had. Exacerbated by the fact I had dressed for the cooler morning and had a long sleeved top, I looked and felt like a sweating sausage, in fact I probably smelt like one too! The sun really takes its toll on pace; when its out I lose anywhere between 1 minute and 2.5 minutes a km.

I used the same running method on the steep parts – to run X number of paces and then take a breather. This worked reasonably well, except with little shade, sometimes my ‘breather’ was in full sun, which led to more sweating. Towards the peak of Laundry Lane, there’s a blind left hand with a road leading off it. A cyclist came haring out and of course he wasn’t looking to his right only to his left. When he saw me he got quite a shock, swore (whether at me or himself, who knows), wobbled and continued. I hope that has taught him a lesson to look both ways.

The rest of Laundry Lane went without incident, and then the final push – up the Slope of No Hope this is still not to be sneezed at, taking in a 15% gradient in parts and covering about 45 metres elevation gain in less than a km. I stopped for 3 breathers.  I think I could do it in one go, but not after a 10km run.

All in all, a reasonably good day’s work – same elevation gain as my big run, over a shorter distance, so still not a walk in the park.

And another 11km banked – 900km marker -I have you in my sights.

Playlist (my nascent boy band version – thanks to C25Kers and Fb friends for getting me started)

Sugar Baby Love – The Rubettes

Bye Bye Baby – Bay City Rollers

Shang A Lang – Ditto

Pass the Dutchie – Musical Youth

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go – Wham

Forever and Ever – Slik

A Little Bit More – 911

ABC – The Jackson 5

You Raise Me Up – Westlife

Love Me For A Reason – The Osmonds

The Reflex – Duran Duran

When Will I Be Famous – Bros

When You Say Nothing At All – Boyzone

I’ll Make Love To You – Boyz ll Men

What I Go To School For – Busted

Stay Another Day – East 17

A Million Love Songs – Take That

Mandy – Westlife

Seasons In The Sun – Westlife

Boxerbeat – Jo Boxers

Relight My Fire – Take That, Lulu

Everybody – Backstreet Boys

Quit Playing Games With My Heart – Backstreet Boys

Bye Bye Bye – NSYNC

Let’s Get Ready To Rhumble – PJ and Duncan


Distance 11.18km

Time 1:26:03

Average Pace 7:41 (mins/km)

Elevation Gain 221 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 855.44

Kms to Run 1162.56






9 May – Ch Ch Changes Afoot


We have a routine here, if Mr JCR is cycling he goes out early, leaving me to wallow in peace under the duvet, and we don’t bother with breakfast. If we are together in the morning (that sounds slightly suspect doesn’t it?), then invariably we go to our local cafe.

Here, you always get service with a smile, our pastries are put to one side for when we arrive, and no words are spoken as our order is brought directly to the table. All of which is glorious, except for one thing. Just occasionally, we may fancy a change. Nothing drastic you understand, maybe not the same pastry or perhaps a single macchiato not a double. Not mind-blowingly different, but we’ve reached that stage where it is almost impossible for us to change the order, because they’d be upset if we did. They pride themselves on doing this little courtesy not just for us, but for many of their clients – including the 4 ladies that our friend G has dubbed ‘Sex and The City’ – they are about 75+!

And we’ve changed our routine a lot these past few days. With our good friends G&J staying with us, we have been dining and wining well but not wisely,  and as a consequence, breakfast has been a more relaxed, much later and an at-home affair. Yesterday, we were at the cafe saying goodbye – the four of us were joined by another 2 mutual friends. the whole concept of the saved orders went out of the window, as we all did slightly different things than they were used to seeing. Today, we had an appointment at home so didn’t go. You see we are messing the cafe staff around, but they remain courteous and helpful and as friendly as ever, evidenced by my ‘smiley’ cappuccino. And that’s a change too, there’s a new young Hoxton Hipsterish barista on duty – coffee art is obviously his thing, as I’ve never had that before.

A change is as good as a rest they say, and I decided I’d run this afternoon for a change. The weather was warm and sultry this morning, so I waited until after lunch, mmm we have a very grey sky and I can hear rolls of thunder. This isn’t looking good. Okay at 4.30 I decide the weather is sounding threatening, but probably unlikely to do much, so I pop out for a quick run.

Hadn’t really thought much about my route, but for a short run, there aren’t too many changes I can make. I trot up Mill Lane, growl at the water pumping station and make my way to Lovers’ Lane and towards Villa Bali. As usual, there’s a a school trip there, which means I have to endure the inevitable cat-calls, or kids copying me run, or racing me. But today is the day of change – the teachers are out on the lawn too. Not one cat-call, mickey take or fake running occurs. Down the hill that kills and I run into the slope of hope, no-one’s about, it is very quiet and I feel the pitter patter of rain on my face. That’s fine, a small shower I can cope with and make my way to Laundry Lane. It is like running in an old Western movie, no-one is around, no noise, save for a few birds tweeting. I half expected to see tumbleweed careering down the road in front of me. I had in mind a quick 5k, but then realised if I did that, I’d be a little short of my 800km mark, and so I continued on to a point where the run back would get me over the line.  On my way back I spotted the changed Citroen 2CV. To be frank this is more a car I’d expect to see in Hoxton than sleepy Le Marche. But maybe times are a changing and Le Marche is getting hip?

I ever so slightly miscalculated my route distance –  I saw a road warning for the junction at the end of Laundry Lane (my planned finish point) saying it was 150m away, and I thought that would be enough – a quick check on Map My Run and it wasn’t. Hence a change of direction, I turned full 180 degrees and started running back where I came from, alongside a set of garages. Because I didn’t want to go back a long way I ended up scooting up and down the same bit of road a few times.  Luckily, the unusually quiet afternoon meant no-one saw the batty Englishwoman running up and down the same 10 metre stretch.

And it’s all change tomorrow, we are back in London for a few days, me to pound the streets of our fair Capital City and Mr JCR to do an M25 inspired ride around London.

I changed my playlist today too…, this is my Spotify list for MummyCav on C25K, as she had a crap run yesterday. MummyCav this run was for you…


Helena -My Chemical Romance

Poison Ivy – The Lambrettas

Respect – Aretha

Shake It Off – Taylor Swift

Girls Just Want To Have Fun – Cyndi Lauper

Kayleigh – Marillion

Layla – Derek & The Dominoes

Ophelia – The Band

Dear Prudence – Siouxsie and The Banshees

Queen of Clubs – KC And The Sunshine Band

Roxanne – The Police

Teresa – Eddie Cochran

Uma Thurman – Fall Out Boy

St Xenia – Katina

Oh Yoko – John Lennon

Zoe Jane – Staind


Distance 7.33km

Time 50:34

Average Pace 6:53

Elevation Gain 74 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms run 800.89

Kms to do 1217.11



5 May – Running Naked In The Lanes


Saturday morning Mr JCR is up piu presto to go cycling and I snuggle down in the duvet, playing the usual mind games about when exactly would be a good time to run. Definitely after a mug of tea, and certainly not before I’ve skim-read The Times.

Catching up on the Health Unlocked Forum I see a fellow C25K graduate from last summer, is extolling the virtues of running naked. He lives in Czech Republic and shares similar weather to us in Italy. When I was suffering in Lucifer so was he.  He has re-started the programme again and was reflecting on how last year he could run up this certain lane and now he is struggling to do so, but knows in time he will conquer it once more. I think the rule of thumb is that after 2 weeks rest, your fitness deteriorates, so it’s always tough re-starting after a break, and I take my hat off to him for giving it a go.

Having been a major player in the creation of playlists with me last year, I was interested to read that he now advocates running ‘naked’ and found it better than having music or podcasts to listen to. He found he was much more able to time his runs and get his pacing right. Okay, if it’s good enough for him, then I’ll give it a go too.

After the usual morning prevarication, I set off out for a short 5/6km run along the country lanes, totally naked. And I felt totally naked too. First of all without the music to listen to, I realise I am a serial counter of my steps. Except I do get distracted and then forget how many steps I’ve done, so the counting is punctuated by swear words. This must be one of the most bizarre things anyone could witness, a woman counting to herself occasionally stopping to say a swear word. I didn’t know I was a ‘counter’, because I’ve always run to music – oh and Mr Smooth giving me instructions.

I took the usual route up Mill Lane, to Lovers’ Lane and back again. I was early enough to see Anouska and Albino, but they were nowhere to be seen. Down the Hill that Kills, still quiet except for the incessant counting, and the Map My Run mechanical voice woman telling me my latest kilometre readings.  Down onto the Slope of Hope and along the bendy, scary road towards Laundry Lane. At this point I hadn’t seen a soul, no dogs, no people, no lorries – nothing. I passed through Laundry Lane still counting and then saw signs of human life, but they didn’t see me huffing and puffing along. What was interesting is that clearly the music for me is a distraction from the job of running. Every km seemed to be a chore, and yet today was my ‘easy’ run. At 5km, having wimped out of climbing an incline, I realised I just wasn’t in the mood  to continue and finished the run at 5.3km.

Now I am not so sure, is running naked a problem for me, or was it that I just wasn’t in the right state of mind to do the run?  It is a coincidence that I saw no-one on the run, except for the back of some folk, who didn’t see me –  when usually I see quite a few people and that gives me both impetus and interest to continue running.

I pressed ‘finish run’  and was delighted when Kate Bush came on singing ‘Cloudbusting’, as the sun was just starting to peek out of the clouds. Next run is back to my playlists, just in case no music = no running and that wouldn’t do at all.


Nothing, just Kate Bush at the end, although maybe this song would work if I changed the lyrics  to ‘Take me running, naked in the lanes’


Distance 5.38km

Time 38:10

Average Pace 7:05

Elevation Gain 38metres

Steps – no idea kept losing count!

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 783.76

Kms To Do 1234.24






2 May – Bunnies & Breakdowns

A Furry Distraction

The First of May is a National Holiday in Italy, and so yesterday we found ourselves in the civilised wilds of Umbria, with a bunch of friends (16 of us in total). The plan was to go for a mountain/hilly walk and then lunch. The crappy cool, wet weather really put paid to that, and Plan B was enacted – a gentle passeggiata around a hilly walled City, a stop for aperitivi – the Italians certainly know how to organise a country walk. Then we go onto lunch at a friend of a friend’s trattoria. There we ate well, with particular highlights being the fresh ricotta served with walnuts and honey and the cantucci (we’d call them biscotti) dunked in Vin Santo. An English lesson ensued,  how to pronounce and spell dunk. After lunch another passeggiata, admiring wild primulas, and other flowers that I just didn’t recognise. In the mountains, Spring is even later in arriving and there we also found cherry and apple blossom.

It was a glorious day even allowing for the rubbish weather, but it is quite tiring keeping up in your second language, especially when your friends dip in and out of dialect too. Eventually, after a return stop to the trattoria to have some more vino and a fill up of the gorgeous ricotta, we returned home.

Oh we are so lightweight compared to these friends, they stayed on, then went to a music festival thing in Piobbico, on the way home to Fano, found a pub, then found another, we got a text saying they were nearby and did we fancy a beer? We declined, one of us was running this morning, and a late beery night, even though I don’t drink beer, wasn’t going to be that conducive to a good run.

This morning the alarm went off, and up I got. It’s much cooler today, and so I was layered up. Out onto Mill Lane, growling at the water pumping station – we’ve missed the bloody engineer again – he has an uncanny knack of calling us on the one occasion when we aren’t around. So that means yet another flaming visit to the local office, to queue again for 30 minutes, to arrange an appointment, that they won’t tell us when it is. We just have to hang around in the vague hope that we might be near when the engineer calls.

I made my way up to Lovers’ Lane, no sign of Anouska or Albino today, even though I am up there suitably early. I enter Villa Bali’s grounds and see the little bunny sitting calmly on the grass, I didn’t dare get too close in case he snuck off. As it was I ran right past him and he didn’t stir. He may be ill, as usually the wild rabbits around here are very jumpy when humans are close – and rightly so, as rabbit is a much loved dish here.

Although the mercury had dropped, I was getting warm so did a quick pitstop and dropped my jacket off into our postbox. Continuing on my run, I was on the Bendy, Scary Road, all was quiet and cool, making it easy for me to keep going, I even managed a couple of kms at under 5 minutes 30 seconds. I continued on, prior to Royston Vasey’s cafe, I saw a lorry stopped in front of me – on a blind bend. The driver was out of his cab on the opposite side of the road, I asked him if he was okay and needed any help and he said he was fine. But he hadn’t coned off the road or left his warning triangle out behind him, so I was perplexed if it was just a stop it was certainly a very dangerous place to leave his lorry. Then about 15 minutes later into my run, he happily drove past me…

It was post-lorry time, I realised the mechanical voice lady from Map My Run had been suspiciously quiet, ah yes JCR you’ve done it again, you paused the app at the bunny stop and didn’t re-start it. Ho hum, a good job I knew which route I was using and the kms. This time a proper breakdown, except it was mine again! As Mr JCR says, I ought to take more care with the tech.

A quick pitstop into the fish shop to order my fish and I was on my way. It’s market day and so a lady sprinting through the market stalls wasn’t exactly the most welcome of visitors. But I bombed through and up to Bin Lane, on the home straight and I arrived at the cafe 10 minutes before the agreed pick up time, so I did a few mini circuits near the cafe, just to keep the kms up. Job done – just over 11kms in all.

On the way home, we saw Puffa Woman again, this time wearing a dark grey full length coat, with a matching coloured woollen hat. It was about 16 degrees – maybe she is a middle aged woman, suffering from a faulty thermostat? I too am a middle aged woman with a faulty thermostat but I was wearing just a base layer and running tights and boy was I hot. This lady has, to our knowledge, 3 separate puffa coats. I wait with interest, to see what she wears next week when the temperatures are due to rise again.


Rumour Has It – Adele

Back To Black – Amy Winehouse

Rehab – ditto

Walk Like An Egyptian – The Bangles

Help Me Rhonda – The Beach Boys

Barbara Ann – ditto

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

Hot In The City – Billy Idol

Mony Mony – ditto

Girls and Boys – Blur

Tracy Jacks – ditto

Parklife – ditto

Born To Run – The Boss

Hungry Heart – The Boss

Dancing In The Dark – The Boss

Born In The USA – The Boss

Glory Days – The Boss

Let’s Stick Together – Bryan Ferry

Tokyo Joe – ditto

Mulder and Scully – Catatonia

Fuck You – CeeLo Green

London Calling – The Clash

Rock The Casbah – ditto

Let’s Spend The Night Together – David Bowie


Distance 11:59 kms

Time 1:19:47

Average Pace 6:53

Elevation Gain 8 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Run 768.11

Kms to Do 1249.89

Thanks to Razouski of Health Unlocked C25k for her sponsorship for my challenge. Much appreciated and a PCT is booked for June. 

18 Apr – It’s All about Ohs and Ahs

On the radio the other day I heard a deejay talk about signs that you are getting old. The indisputable evidence includes:-

  1. Saying ‘When I was a lad/lass’, ‘In my day’, ‘Youngsters today…’
  2. Groaning when sitting down
  3. No longer sitting cross-legged on the floor

I admit to number 3, but in fairness I avoided doing it (a) once I was old enough to afford chairs, and  (b)  when I wasn’t forced by my parents to sit on the floor when the old rellies came to visit for ‘tea’ and they took up all soft seating options.

The groaning – mmm not when sitting down, but with the running challenge I groan pretty much every day. An ‘oh’ when I realise it is yet another running day, and no it’s not a rest day. An ‘ah’ when the run is done. An ‘oh’ when I look at my tech and realise it hasn’t synched (actually the Oh is usually suffixed with an ‘eff’). An ‘ah’ when I realise I’ve passed another mini-milestone. An ‘oh’ when de-sausaging then an ‘ah’ when I hit my steaming hot shower.

In Italy ‘oh’ at the end of a word, generally denotes words of a masculine gender and an ‘ah’ feminine. There are exceptions, but it’s a good rule of thumb. The meaning of a noun  can also be changed quite significantly by the use of an ‘oh’ or an ‘ah’. For example, there is a road on one of my running routes called Via Prugneta, which is more or less Plum Lane. If you change the ending to prugneto, as I did once in error, you elicit gasps of outrage or giggles from your Italian friends. It’s an impolite word for a certain part of the female anatomy.

This extends to other words – a similar ending occurs on a friend’s name – he is called Marco – one is a perfectly harmless nickname, the other less so.

And so to my run, it was 8 kilometres of ‘ohs’ as my poor bod wondered what on earth I was doing, both legs were aching everywhere, I’d been bitten by some kind of nadger, so that was itching, but the flowers on the lanes were out, so that was an ‘ah’ moment. I stumbled in the road ‘oh’ and when you look at the pic above you can see why ‘ah’ that will be a rubbish road surface then…

I finished up near the now infamous ‘Via Prugneta’ she is a cow, she is steep and hard and so I didn’t run up her – I stopped the clock and walked instead. ‘Ah’ JCR you are a coward.


Snail – the Smashing Pumpkins

Happy – Pharrell Williams

Smile – Lily Allen

Tigerfeet – Mud

Smile – Gregory Porter

Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice (twice)

Under Pressure – Queen and David Bowie

Easy – Commodores

Nowhere Fast – Eminem and Kehlani

Love In An Elevator – Aerosmith

Compression – Digilio and Accorsi

One Step Beyond – Buster

Rest – Charlotte Gainsbourg

To Jan – Leonard Anderson (this is not aimed at me this is in recognition of a C25K Forum mentor)

Miami Vice Theme – Jan Hammer

Never Gonna Give You Up – Rick Astley

Runnin’ Down A Dream – Tom Petty

Ju Ju Man – Dave Edmunds

Marathon – Rush

The Streak – Ray Stevens

Help – The Beatles

There Are More Questions Than Answers – Johnny Nash

The Winner – Status Quo


Distance 8.45kms

Time 1:01:51

Average Pace 7:19 (mins/km)

Alzheimers Challenge

Kms Run 672.85

Kms To run 1345.15

Oh yes and I have now run 1/3 of my challenge target which is 672.66 kms and we are not yet 1/3rd of the way through the year. that’s a very satisfying ‘ah’









11 Apr – In The Pink

As a Red – that is a Liverpool fan I am a happy bunny this morning, after we summarily despatched Manchester City last night in the Champion’s League.

From being very happy Red to  being tickled pink, the lipstick colour used to give me some motivation to go out and face the world and run. In London, the colour is bright red – runner’s ruby. In Italy, as I forgot to bring my red lipstick here, my fuchsia pink is now known as pootler’s pink.

Having promised that I need to drink more water/soft drinks and get up earlier, I did just that. Slapped on a dash of pootler’s pink and was on my way.

Today was to be a short run of about 6km, cunningly worked out by Mr JCR last night on his Strava thing. Of course, best laid plans and all that, he hadn’t allowed for me developing stupid tart syndrome again. Yup, I never learn, when needing to de-clothe, just stop running, do what you need to and carry on. Nope, I decided against that course of action and in de-gloving whilst running, promptly lost one glove, which I didn’t discover until a little later.

I digress, I was in a good mood (thank you Mo Salah),  I passed through Mill Lane and despite the recent Watergate scandal, was still smiling when I entered Lovers’ Lane. My smile grew wider when who should I see but my favourite Italian cheerleaders Anouska and Albino .

Whether or not I am their favourite runner, who can say – actually I’m probably not, because Anouska said ‘Don’t stop, carry on running’. I stopped though and explained we’d just got back home, and she was asking how long we were staying for. I answered and we exchanged goodbyes and went on our way. What A&A don’t know is that last year when I started the C25K training programme, seeing them every other day acted like a commitment I had to meet. So I was really chuffed to see them for the first time this year. A proper runner’s welcome.

In my enthusiasm to show off the fact that I am considerably fitter than last year, I did set off rather too quickly and in my speedy Gonzales moment, decided to de-glove and that’s where the route planning went awry. I passed A&A again on their return leg, and decided I would detour via home to dump my running jacket and gloves as I was quite warm. Then I found I was a glove missing, so back again to the same places – Mill Lane where my smile faltered a bit at the water pumping station, up Lovers’ Lane – no glove to be seen, what’s that in Villa Bali’s grounds – no it’s a bird JCR, it’s just flown away.

Eventually I found the glove, needless to say it was more or less the furthest point away it could have been. That meant the route planning session was a waste of time.  So down to the slope of hope, incident free and to Laundry Lane, which again was mercifully free of traffic. At the 6km mark the lane starts to rise and reader, I confess, I walked about 20 paces to get my puff back. Will you forgive me that lapse? Or do I have to add an extra 20 paces onto my next run?

Anyway to the tune of some very tetchy beagles barking, I finished my run at just a shade over 7km.


I Ran  – A Flock Of Seagulls

Joan Of Arc – OMD

Breaking Us In Two – Joe Jackson

Marvin Gaye – Phuth and Traynor

Oh Woman, Oh Man – London Grammar

Sex-O-Matic Venus Freak – Macy Gray

I Try – Ditto

Crazy In Love – Beyonce

Blue Monday – New Order

Mr Brightside – The Killers

World In Motion – New Order

This Girl – Kungs

The Jean Genie – David Bowie


Distance 7.16Km

Time 50:58

Average Pace 7:07 (mins/km)

Elevation Gain 64 metres

Alzheimer’s Challenge

Kms Done 619.92

Kms To Do 1398.08 (yes, under the 1400s, we’re getting there)